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Protection Plans For Your Phone & Tablet

Your mobile life is multi-dimensional—it’s your connection to the who, what, where and when of your world. That’s why you need multi-dimensional protection to keep you connected. 3D protection, to be exact, for your Device, Data and your iDentity. You ain’t gonna get that with old school cell phone insurance. To protect your connectivity, you’ve got to have a ProtectCELL protection plan. Take your pick…

Need coverage? We've got the fix for the iPhone 6

Work It With Us

From carriers to wireless dealers, our partners are as individual as our customers. Which is why we offer flexible, customized solutions that address the demands of an ever-evolving industry. Turnkey platforms that seamlessly integrate with your business. Unprecedented support, training and quick implementation. The financial perks of no inventory (we call that “Win-Winventory”). All in all, a partnership that walks the walk, not just talks the talk. Come reap the rewards with us.

All things ProtectCELL

The mobile device has become a “can’t-live-without” link to family, safety, business, education, shopping, romance, fun… just about every facet of your life. So as far as we’re concerned, keeping you connected is right up there with breathing, sleeping and eating. See for yourself in this “About Us” section. It may sound like it’s all about us. But really, it’s all about you.

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