Business Solutions

Independent Wireless Dealers

ProtectCELL’s roots are in Wireless Retail, so we know all about reduced commissions, tightening margins and the need to work harder and smarter just to keep up. That’s why we’ve designed our plans and offerings with your needs in mind: Increasing Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), reducing employee churn and improving customer experience and relationship stickiness.

ProtectCELL treats your customer as a valued retail relationship--a relationship that, unless treated right, can take their business to a competitor. By working with you to provide plans that have impact and customer experiences that increase satisfaction, we help set you apart from that competition, empower your ownership over the customer relationship and give your customers reasons to stay rather than leave.

...How we’ve designed our new brand, in-store displays and re-envisioned plan catalog as a modular, optional set of tools that can “pull” customers toward you before you’re required to “push” plans at them,
...How our training tops everyone in the industry and will help your reps increase take rates, and
...How our plans are designed to protect much more than simply the device.