ProtectCELL Mobile Apps

Convenient security is at your fingertips. Now you can Get Protected and Stay Connected on the go thanks to ProtectCELL's mobile applications!

ProtectCELL SafeStore App

  • Cloud Backup - Store up to 50GB of your contacts, photos, texts (Android only), and more...in the cloud
  • Family Protection - Keep the whole family secure with combined storage capacity for up to 10 devices
  • WiFi Filtering – Avoid unsafe access points and networks for safe, family friendly internet browsing
  • SafeZone - Establish a wireless boundary, track device locations, and keep loved ones within reach
  • Remote Locate/Lock/Erase - Locate, lock, and erase your missing device from anywhere...or covertly snap a pic and trigger the device alarm

ProtectCELL iPhone App    ProtectCELL Android App

ProtectCELL Mobile App

  • Stay on top of things - Review your device plan and check out details like your expiration date, plan benefits, and protection upgrades
  • Get your friends and family protected - Purchase coverage for devices not currently listed on your account
  • Activate helpful services and get an additional layer of protection provided by your plan
  • Receive up-to-date tracking for requests you've submitted on any replacement device
  • Stay connected to ProtectCELL and your favorite wireless retailer with contact information and important updates

ProtectCELL iPhone App    ProtectCELL Android App