Deactivating 'Find My iPhone' in Three Easy Steps

Important: Your returned device must be unlocked with ‘Find My iPhone’ turned off. If not, you could be charged up to $850.

Option One:
Deactivate 'Find My iPhone' from your DEVICE

1. Select ‘Find iPhone’

Select Settings

Locate the ‘Find iPhone’ icon on your device and sign in using your Apple ID and password.

2. Select offline phone

Select iCloud

Find and select a phone that is offline.

3. Select ‘Remove’

Tap Turn Off

Select ‘Remove’ in the top right corner.

Option Two:
Deactivate 'Find My iPhone' from your COMPUTER

1. Sign In to 'iCloud'

Select Settings

Go to and access your Apple iCloud account.

2. Click 'Devices'

Select iCloud

At top, select 'Devices' and locate the device you've sent or are sending to us. After a few moments, iCloud will finish updating the location of each of your devices. The device you've sent or plan to send to Fortegra should appear as offline. Select that device, then return to the device list and select the 'X' icon to remove it from your account. (Please note: the device must be powered off.)

3. Select 'Remove'

Tap Turn Off

On the next screen select 'Remove' to confirm deactivation.