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There are multiple smartphone options out there. Choosing the right one depends on personal preference and security.

Will the HTC One M8 outweigh the iPhone 5s?


More often than not, people think of the iPhone when considering a smartphone, primarily due to the fact that Apple was the company that spearheaded the mobile device movement. However, a number of big name manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia and Motorola have joined the race, adding a new level of competition within the industry. Two companies that seem to be neck and neck are HTC and Apple.

With so much data stored on these miniature machines and the inclusion of  features previously attributable only to digital cameras and desktops, people need to invest in cybersecurity and durability when purchasing a smartphone. In addition to choosing a device with a robust design, some consumers buy cell phone insurance to make sure they'll be reimbursed if their equipment gets damaged. 

The first impression
The look, feel and practicality of a smartphone usually separates it from competitors. Laptop Magazine claimed that HTC's upgrade from last year's M7 sports a number of appealing features right off the bat. A 5-inch display, all-aluminum chassis and a dual rear-camera setup are the first specifications users will notice about this device. Behind the scenes, it offers over eight hours of battery life. The fit itself is much sleeker, but the source noted its smoothness might make it difficult to hold onto.

In contrast, MacWorld described the iPhone 5s's display to be an inch smaller with lower screen resolution than the HTC. The difference in size could cause some consumers to surmise that the M8 may be a little more durable. Yet, the MacWorld critics maintained that the build of the iPhone 5s was "superior" to that of HTC, but this could just be a matter of preference.

If robustness is based on size, then it may be safe to say that iPhone 5s users could benefit from buying insurance for iPhone. Nonetheless, one should remember the phrase "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" - protection is important for larger phones, too.

A glance at performance 
Consumer standards for smartphones are rising with every new release. Processing and connectivity are two essential features that can make all the difference between two such devices. MacWorld explained that the iPhone 5s possesses a 64-bit A7 chip running at 1.3 gigahertz and has 1 gigabytes of RAM. In contrast, the HTC One M8 features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 2.3 GHz quad-core CPU and 2 GB of Ram. Unlike Apple's offer, it has dual-band Wi-Fi. 

Smartphone users are all about speed. Although they're aware of the incredible amount of sophisticated technology that enables such a small device to connect to the Internet, they don't want to wait half a minute to look at their email. To the chagrin of those favoring Apple products, the HTC One M8 is much faster and has more storage than its competitor. 

A vital consideration 
As with any Internet-connected device, smartphones are at risk for getting hacked. Cloud computing has enabled workers to access vital business information in order to assess customer issues more quickly. According to 5 News, a hacker operating under the alias Oleg Pliss recently managed to hack Apple devices across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. The devices were held ransom by the perpetrator, who directed victims to his or her PayPal account so they could pay the perpetrator $100, the sum he demanded. 

This is an example of why consumers should choose smartphones that have sound cybersecurity applications, but even the leading protections cannot provide absolute surety. Phone insurance can be employed as a last line of defense for those who can't regain access to their devices in the event they're hacked. The greater the processing power and connectivity, the more at risk these devices are of being compromised. 

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