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Top tech and accessories showcased at CES 2014

Top tech and accessories showcased at CES 2014


Every January, tech enthusiasts, manufacturers and the media convene on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show - and each year, new and upcoming gadgets are revealed, while some companies showcase hot-off-the-press devices that have already hit the market. The range of different types of tech spotlighted at CES is quite wide. It includes televisions, gaming systems and even in-car entertainment units - virtually anything you can name that falls under the umbrella of consumer electronics.

But mobile technology accounts for a sizeable chunk of this market, so smartphones, tablets and related gadgets feature prominently in presentations at the conference. Here are some highlights from the CES 2014 showcases that focused on mobile devices and accessories.

Cutting-edge smartphones 
Several not-to-be-missed mobile handsets made an appearance at this year's CES, reminding smartphone enthusiasts of just how technologically powerful, graphically sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing some of the most recently released devices are.

  1. Nokia Lumia 1520: This Windows Phone handset is already on the market, but it made a strong impression on the crowd at CES. According to CRN, one of the primary attractive features of the Lumia 1520 is its size: With a 6-inch screen, it's much better suited to a market in which phone-tablet hybrids are in high demand than its predecessors, the 1020 and 925, which sported 4.5-inch displays. The 1520 runs Lumia Black, the most recent version of Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system, which has a few more interactive features than earlier editions.
  2. HTC One Mini: The HTC One was among 2013's most lauded Android smartphones, and the smaller version, the One Mini, follows in its big brother's footsteps. CRN noted that the device has a 4.3-inch display and is 0.36 inches thick, setting it apart from the phablets that were nearly ubiquitous at CES this year. But it doesn't sacrifice the larger version's cutting-edge features: The front stereo system BoomSound is still in place, as is the news and social media update tool BlinkFeed.
  3. BlackBerry Z30: Remember BlackBerry? Of course you do, but you may have heard a little less about the company since Windows Phone stole the spot for third most popular mobile OS worldwide. But BlackBerry's CES showcase suggests the firm is intent on making a comeback: The new Z30 smartphone is a head-turner. With a 5-inch display, according to CRN, the device is considerably bigger than the small BlackBerry devices many of us are used to. It also ditches the traditional keyboard for a completely touchscreen version, not to mention the revamped BlackBerry 10.2 OS.

Mobile device accessories
As impressive as these devices are, the world of mobile technology would be a much more cookie-cutter place without cases, covers and other items to personalize your smartphone or tablet. Here are three show-stopping accessories from CES 2014.

  1. TabletPillow: Those who want to treat their iPads to a little luxury should look no further. According to Inside Mobile Apps, Bosign's TabletPillow 2 is a two-in-one cable organizer and tablet stand. The cushion lets you rest your iPad on your lap, lay it on a surface or prop it up for a better view.
  2. Evutec cases: Evutec has been making iPhone cases for a while - but at CES, the company showcased its line of attractive wooden and Kevlar cases expanded for the iPad and Samsung Galaxy S3, the news source noted.
  3. Hideaway Cable Organizer: Inside Mobile Apps reported that Bosign's presentation also spotlighted the Hideaway, a handsome box with a wooden top that can sit on your desk and make it look as though your growing collection of cables isn't there at all.

If you're thinking of making an investment in one of the new gadgets showcased at CES, ProtectCELL's smartphone protection plans can help provide extra coverage beyond your carrier's insurance plan, with phone buyback and data security tools.

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