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The perfect tech gifts for Mother

The perfect tech gifts for Mother's Day


Mother's Day is fast approaching, and that means it's time to search for the perfect gift. This year, instead of going with one of the traditional options, like flowers, why not give the gift of tech? There are lots of gadgets and devices out there that most mothers would love to receive on this holiday. Here are four gifts to consider.

1. Click & Grow
One great Mother's Day gift option, ABC affiliate KFSN recently highlighted, is the Click & Grow. This is an electronic smartpot that anyone can use to grow flowers and herbs easily, because it demands less maintenance than traditional growing methods. The Click & Grow uses advanced technology to determine exactly how much water, fertilizer and air a given plant requires, and then administers the appropriate amount. You don't need to know when to water the plant or how often - the pot includes a sensor that will alert you when water is needed. Every Click & Grow smartpot comes with a water reservoir, pump, battery vault, microchip and processor. These pots are attractive to look at and can fit into just about any home design.

If your mother loves plants and flowers but has trouble keeping them alive, the Click & Grow is a great gift.

2. Moneual's Rydis MR6550 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Another excellent option, according to KFSN, is the Rydis MR6550 Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Moneual. As the name suggests, this device autonomously moves around your house or apartment, cleaning the floor everywhere it goes. This model is far more advanced than earlier offerings: Its smart sensors enable it to avoid furniture and walls and its eight modes allow for more targeted cleaning efforts. Plus, its battery can last up to 100 minutes. For any mother who hates cleaning, this is a great option.

3. Misfit Wearables' Shine and Bloom Necklace
Jewelry has always been a fairly popular Mother's Day gift option. However, the Bloom Necklace and Shine device from Misfit Wearables add a tech spin to this classic. The Shine is an activity monitor that you can wear. It tracks your movement throughout the day and, when activated, displays your progress toward your fitness goals. By connecting the device to a smartphone, users can view more detailed activity information. In the past, this device could only be worn as a bracelet or watch. Recently, however, Misfit Wearables introduced the Bloom Necklace, which allows users to gain the same benefits while wearing the Shine around their necks. If your mother is serious about fitness and fashion, this is an excellent gift.

4. Everpurse's mini
If your mother is always out and about, odds are she has to worry about her phone's battery life. You can help to alleviate her concerns in a fashionable manner with the mini from Everpurse. As The Huffington Post highlighted, the mini is a clutch that allows you to charge your iPhone up to three times. And if that's not enough, the clutch's clasp also acts as a USB plug, making it even easier to charge your iPhone.

And if you really want to give your mother peace of mind, you should consider buying her iPhone insurance. Standard iPhone coverage doesn't protect the device from damage incurred by drops, spills and other external causes, but ProtectCELL's iPhone insurance plan does. These plans, which start as low as $99.99, cover iPhones from just about every possible source of damage. If your mother loves her iPhone, this may be the best gift you can offer.

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