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Tech Olympic athletes love to use

Tech that Olympic athletes love to use


At the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the world's most talented athletes will display incredible feats of human athleticism and pure natural ability. But that doesn't mean they won't also be using technology to help them strive toward their gold medal dreams. Today, Olympic competitors are embracing the benefits that mobile applications and other new technologies offer for their training regimens.

Here are just a few examples of how the tech world is helping these athletes:

Omega Timing Technology
In order to better capture the breakneck speeds reached by Olympic bobsled teams, Omega has created a device that gathers real-time data from a speed sensor, a 3-D gyro-sensor and a 3-D acceleration sensor, as noted by Tempus Fugit. This high-tech speed sensor allows bobsled coaches to analyze specific statistics, such as angular velocity, which can be used to find ways of improving a team's performance.  

Stepping into a -256 degrees Fahrenheit chamber may seem crazy, but that's what some Olympic athletes are doing as a method of pain relief. "Cryo" chambers use advanced technology to create an environment designed to help athletes recover from sore muscles and calm inflammation. Though some skepticism remains about the science behind this concept, a number of athletes have already used the cryotherapy room at Poland's Olympic rehabilitation center, as reported by Fortunately, these individuals are not expected to stay inside the chamber for any longer than three minutes. 

3-D simulations of ice skating performances
A new advancement in technology is helping Olympic skaters to achieve the unbelievable gracefulness that leaves so many viewers amazed. Jim Richards, a sports biomechanics expert at University of Delaware, developed ice skating sensors, which use motion capture technology to visualize ice skaters' performances in 3-D simulations.

According to CNN, the process involves placing 40 sensors on a skater's body and using 10 infrared cameras to capture their motions. The 3-D simulations are being used by trainers to review skaters' technique and find ways of reducing their chances of injury.

Coach's Eye
For Olympic moguls, such as freestyle skier Patrick Deneen, capturing practice footage and analyzing it to find opportunities for improvement is an integral part of their training strategies. That's why Deneen has found an iPad video app called Coach's Eye to be so useful. Coach's Eye features advanced processing speeds and a timing mechanism, making it ideal for ski trainers to film athletes and observe close details of their performance.

As Pat Deneen, Patrick's father and coach, explained to Yahoo Sports, "We shoot multiple angles of every jump he does and it has changed the way we coach. We hit 'analyze' and it breaks it down, frame by frame, in high resolution. We make our notes, and send it on up the hill."

Surprisingly, this incredible technology is available to all consumers for just $4.99 on the iTunes store, making it an affordable solution for Olympians and high school athletes alike.

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