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Send Valentine

Send Valentine's Day e-cards to show you care


If you're looking for creative ways to put a smile on your significant other's face on Valentine's Day, try sending him or her a personalized e-card via mobile apps. These messages can be a fun display of affection that could brighten up your partner's long day at work. And unlike paper cards, e-cards do not increase landfill waste, allowing you to be a more eco-friendly Valentine's Day participant. Look into these e-cards to help you convey your love on Feb. 14.

JustGreen's "Share the Love" e-cards
Not only will JustGreen's e-cards make your partner happy, they can also help to make our planet a safer place. For each bundle of three e-cards sold, JustGreen will contribute all proceeds toward efforts to reduce U.S. carbon emissions.

As Gerardo Manalac, Executive Vice President of JustGreen, stated in a press release, "An e-card is an ideal way to send your sentiments to a loved one this Valentine's Day. This is another proactive alternative so that we can help make our planet a cleaner and healthier place."

Individuals can select from three card designs featuring a message that is both environmentally-conscious and sweet. It has never been so easy to simultaneously express your love for both your partner and the environment.

American Greetings e-cards
American Greetings offers a wide range of e-cards, so you can find the perfect message whether you want to make your significant other laugh, smile or swoon. Cards are categorized by their tone, such as romantic, cute, funny, heartfelt or risqué. Additionally, customers can select cards with custom features, such as Facebook capabilities, voice recordings and even personalized songs.

Rottenecards are intended for sending a more humorous - and sometimes crude - message to your partner. These cards feature caricatures that recall 1950's advertisements matched with modern-day references, such as "No app could ever replace you. Happy Valentine's Day!" If you and your partner have a racier sense of humor, you might prefer Rottenecards to sappy, traditional Valentine's Day cards.

Whichever e-card you decide on, be sure that your personal information is being safeguarded when using mobile apps. ProtectCELL's data protection plan provides safety beyond what mobile phone insurance can offer. Your data will be backed up, and you can locate your device in the event that is stolen and erase any personal information from it.

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