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When kids are just beginning to use cell phones for the first time, they might not be aware of the dangers associated with the mobile world. It is important for parents - especially those with children who own smartphones - to teach kids how to be safe with their new devices. Providing children with cell phones gives parents the advantage of being able to contact their kids anywhere at any time, but parents must also make sure that their children's privacy is protected. 

Advice for teaching responsible phone use
Before giving cell phones to children, be sure  they know how to use them responsibly. Microsoft advised that kids should only share their phone numbers with trustworthy individuals, like family members and close friends. Parents should teach their children how to identify mobile threats, such as suspicious links and text messages that promise free prizes. Kids may not be used to receiving "free iPad" offers, so it is important for parents to let their children know that these messages are scams.

Children's phones can be protected with a PIN number, and parents should stress how important it is to never to share it with anyone. Parents may want to restrict children's access to the Internet, as kids might be inclined to access dangerous or inappropriate websites on their personal devices. 

The benefits of children owning cell phones
While permitting young children to use phones certainly brings about security risks, it can also help parents keep track of their kids. Parents and children can communicate at all times, letting kids reach out when in need. 

Parents want to look after their children as much as possible, and the GPS tracking capabilities of smartphones allow them to know their kids' location at all times. However, GPS features should be used cautiously, as other people could be able to track children's whereabouts through phones' weak security systems. Microsoft recommended that parents disable the location features of their children's phone cameras.  

Why your kids' phones need ProtectCELL
As children are learning to use their mobile devices responsibly, parents could benefit from protecting their kids' phones with a comprehensive security plan. ProtectCELL's device protection program can be ideal for safeguarding children's devices. Standard cell phone insurance plans may not provide coverage for accidental physical damage, such as screen cracks and spills. Fortunately, ProtectCELL covers phones from these incidents, as well as just about any other events that could possibly occur.

Kids are not invulnerable to data theft, and children's devices that contain parents' personal information are in special need of enhanced protection. ProtectCELL's data protection plan can help parents protect private information stored on their kids' phones. If children lose their devices - which tends to happen far too often - parents can locate and lock the phones as needed. Additionally, personal data can be wiped immediately, so thieves will not be able to access any information.

With ProtectCELL plans ranging from $29.99 to $199.99, parents can select the option that best suits their family's needs and budget.

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