ProtectCELL Membership Plans Ensure Safety of Holiday Phone Purchases

11/21/2012 Novi, MI (PRWEB) November 21, 2012 -  As shoppers prepare for the “Black Friday” frenzy that is as much a Thanksgiving tradition as turkey and cranberry sauce, ProtectCELL reminds consumers that purchases of mobile devices should be accompanied by replacement protection – covering both the device and everything the recipient will do with it.

“Chances are there is a mobile device of one kind or another on your shopping list,” said ProtectCELL President and Chief Marketing Officer Scott McLaren. “There was a time when that meant the gift was a phone. But today, with almost any device, it means the lucky recipient is also getting a camera, a calendar, a way to send instant messages and the ability to play Words with Friends all day long. A smart gift-giver will also include a ProtectCELL replacement plan with that gift to ensure that the device as well as all of its content is protected.”

ProtectCELL was founded in 2006 out of a desire to offer reliable alternatives to traditional coverage products, while better servicing customers’ needs within the wireless marketplace. But the company provides much more than that. With the focus on developing customer-centered solutions, ProtectCELL became an industry leader, offering a suite of integrated products and services designed to enhance, optimize and protect the customer’s wireless lifestyle. The company not only protects the customer’s mobile device, by providing a device when needed, but also safeguards everything that is “in” the device, such as personal data, contacts and pictures.

“It doesn’t matter if the mobile device is a gift for an accident prone cousin, a child who sometimes treats a phone like a baseball, or your very reliable mother,” said McLaren. “The truth is, things happen. And when they do, ProtectCELL will ensure the user gets connected again quickly. Having a ProtectCELL membership plan is about reclaiming peace of mind in the event that anything happens to the mobile device. And we all know, no one wants to miss out on Words with Friends.”

About ProtectCELL
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