ProtectCELL Launches Affordable Protection Plans for iPhone 5S

9/17/2013 Novi, MI (PRWEB) September 17, 2013 - ProtectCELL, a Fortegra Financial company (NYSE: FRF) dedicated to helping its users get protected and stay connected, today announced the availability of protection plans for the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C. ProtectCELL’s plans protect not only the physical device, but also the precious data on it as well as the user’s identity. Additionally, ProtectCELL plans provide buyback value and online shopping rewards for users that keep their device safe. The following ProtectCELL plans are now available for pre-order: Complete, Device, Data, Buyback, Lifelock® Standard and Lifelock Ultimate.

“Purchasers of the iPhone 5S are paying up to $850 for their new device – a significant purchase in itself, but in many ways a fraction of the value of the personal data it contains and the identity of the person using it,” said Scott McLaren, ProtectCELL’s chief marketing officer. “Our reliance on these devices to keep us connected makes the devices and the information on them more important in our everyday lives.”

With plans starting at $29.99, ProtectCELL’s iPhone 5S users are safeguarded against a variety of potential threats to their device. To celebrate the new iPhone release, ProtectCELL is offering a $30 rebate on any ProtectCELL Complete plan purchased on the original iPhone 5. For full details and access to the rebate form, visit ProtectCELL’s rebate page: http://www.ProtectCELL.com/rebate.

ProtectCELL’s current plans include:

ProtectCELL’s most comprehensive protection plan includes data, device, and ID protection, in addition to buyback services for money back when trading in old devices.

This plan covers damage to a device for any reason, including crash, smash or splash. In addition, users can utilize buyback services for money back when purchasing a new phone.

Covering both data and identity of the user, if a protected device is compromised, a LifeLock specialist quickly restores personal information including contacts, texts, pictures and music. In addition, the device can be locked, located, erased and backed-up if needed.

Designed to help offset the sticker price of purchasing a new device, users can get up to 50 percent of its retail value back in the first year of ownership and up to 25 percent back in the second year.

ProtectCELL LifeLock Plans
These comprehensive identity theft protection plans, available in Standard and Unlimited, offer proactive alerts of potential identity threats which include black market website surveillance and even stolen or lost wallet remediation services.

ProtectCELL protection plans for the iPhone 5S are available immediately for pre-order at ProtectCELL.com or at an authorized retail location.

About ProtectCELL
ProtectCELL, a Fortegra company, safeguards consumers’ wireless lifestyles by offering valuable services and protection compared to limited warranties and standard insurance. Known for its strong alliances with industry-leading partners, ProtectCELL continues to evolve in order to meet the growing demands of both consumers and independent wireless dealers. Fortegra Financial Corporation is an insurance services company that provides distribution and administration services and insurance-related products to insurance companies, insurance brokers and agents and other financial services companies in the United States. In addition, the Company sells insurance products and services directly to consumers. Fortegra Financial’s brands include: Life of the South®, 4warranty, ProtectCELL, Continental Car ClubTM, Auto Knight Motor ClubTM, United Motor ClubTM, ConsectaTM, Pacific Benefits GroupTM, Bliss & GlennonTM, South Bay Acceptance Corporation, Universal Equipment Recovery Group, and eReinsureTM. For further information, please visit: http://www.fortegrafinancial.com. Add to Twitter Add to Facebook Add to LinkedIn Add to Digg Add to StumbleUpon Add to Delicious