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ProtectCELL Branding Includes New Look and More Offerings for Customers

5/17/2013 Leader within the mobile and electronic device rebrands itself around the “Get Protected, Stay Connected” tagline and the visual representation of the protection available through ProtectCELL

Novi, MI (PRWEB) May 17, 2013 -  ProtectCELL, a Fortegra Financial company (NYSE: FRF), today announced a complete rebranding initiative, implementing a contemporary new look while redefining the company’s offerings.

“ProtectCELL has experienced tremendous growth and change in the last year, making it clear to us that our image and presentation also needed to go to the next level,” said Scott McLaren, ProtectCELL Chief Marketing Officer. “All of our branding elements, from logo to web page, are updated to portray who we are today as a company. This effort walks hand-in-hand with the redefining of all our membership plans, which have also been improved to provide more choices and a clearer understanding of the offerings.”

The rebranding centers around the “Get Protected, Stay Connected” tagline. A new logo includes a classic shield design -- a visual representation of the protection available through ProtectCELL -- and the “on” button -- symbolic of the connectivity that customers describe when referring to their mobile devices. “The new logo is a visual representation of not only our tagline but also our business objectives and our way of thinking,” said McLaren. “Everything is designed to make our offerings easier for consumers to understand and for salespeople to sell.”

“Our new plan strategy includes rebranding our offerings into both bundles and stand-alone plans, allowing customers to choose what is right for them,” said McLaren. “These changes allow us to offer reliable alternatives to traditional coverage and provide more plan offerings to accommodate a wider range of customers. The effort to create affordable plans and to continue our focus on developing customer-centered solutions is the key to our continued growth.”

For dealers, this reinvention touches on every aspect of ProtectCELL’s partnership with them and how it integrates with the sales process. The new branding includes in-store collateral, in-store educational material and online training. “All of this represents a more consultative approach to wireless needs,” said McLaren.

About ProtectCELL
ProtectCELL, a Fortegra company, safeguards consumers’ wireless lifestyles by offering valuable services and protection compared to limited warranties and standard insurance. Known for its strong alliances with industry-leading partners, ProtectCELL continues to evolve in order to meet the growing demands of both consumers and independent wireless dealers.

Fortegra Financial Corporation is an insurance services company that provides distribution and administration services and insurance-related products to insurance companies, insurance brokers and agents and other financial services companies in the United States. In addition, the company sells insurance products and services directly to consumers. Fortegra Financial’s brands include: Life of the South®, 4warranty, ProtectCELL, Continental Car ClubTM, Auto Knight Motor ClubTM, United Motor ClubTM, ConsectaTM, Pacific Benefits GroupTM, Bliss & GlennonTM, South Bay Acceptance Corporation, Universal Equipment Recovery Group, and eReinsureTM. For further information, please visit: http://www.fortegrafinancial.com. Add to Twitter Add to Facebook Add to LinkedIn Add to Digg Add to StumbleUpon Add to Delicious

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