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ProtectCELL Announces Launch into the M2M Service Plan Business


Developing Strategic Relationships with Industry Leaders & Offering a Turnkey Solution for Covering M2M Devices

Novi, MI (PRWEB) April 25, 2013  - ProtectCELL, a Fortegra Financial company, today announced its entry into the Machine to Machine (M2M) service plan business. The company is in the process of developing strategic relationships with M2M industry leaders including OEM’s, Tier 1 distributors, systems integrators and carrier network providers.

“Understanding that mission critical devices in the M2M industry are typically expected to last much longer than the average manufacturer’s warranty, ProtectCELL identified a void and developed a robust program designed to protect ruggedized modems, handheld and other M2M devices beyond the OEM warranty period,” said Scott McLaren, President and Chief Marketing Officer of ProtectCELL. “Our M2M Extended Service Plan starts when the manufacturer’s warranty expires, providing broad product coverage and increasing the lifespan of M2M technology investments.”

ProtectCELL has designed a complete turnkey solution for covering M2M devices, which ultimately provides companies of all sizes with peace-of-mind services that extend the life of their M2M devices.

“ProtectCELL is proud to be one of the first to put a comprehensive M2M warranty program in place,” said McLaren. “M2M technology is being deployed in nearly every imaginable technology vertical. We are excited to be in the forefront of helping this emerging industry thrive and we recognize the opportunities for vast growth.”

ProtectCELL was founded in 2006 out of a desire to offer reliable alternatives to traditional coverage products while better servicing customers’ needs within the wireless marketplace. The company provides consumers affordable plans and continues to focus on developing customer-centered solutions. ProtectCELL is an industry leader within the mobile and electronic device space, offering a suite of integrated products and services designed to enhance, optimize and protect the customer’s wireless lifestyle. The company not only protects the customer’s mobile device or tablet by providing a device when it fails to work properly or is lost, but it also safeguards everything that is “in” the device, such as personal data, contacts and pictures.

About ProtectCELL
ProtectCELL, a Fortegra company, safeguards consumers’ wireless lifestyles by offering valuable services and protection compared to limited warranties and standard insurance. Known for its strong alliances with industry-leading partners, ProtectCELL continues to evolve in order to meet the growing demands of both consumers and independent wireless dealers.

Fortegra Financial Corporation is an insurance services company that provides distribution and administration services and insurance-related products to insurance companies, insurance brokers and agents and other financial services companies in the United States. In addition, the company sells insurance products and services directly to consumers. Fortegra Financial’s brands include: Life of the South®, 4warranty, ProtectCELL, Continental Car ClubTM, Auto Knight Motor ClubTM, United Motor ClubTM, ConsectaTM, Pacific Benefits GroupTM, Bliss & GlennonTM, South Bay Acceptance Corporation, Universal Equipment Recovery Group, and eReinsureTM. For further information, please visit: Add to Twitter Add to Facebook Add to LinkedIn Add to Digg Add to StumbleUpon Add to Delicious

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