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Mobile Madness Final Four: Wisconsin, Florida Fans Found Most Destructive With Mobile Devices

Mobile Madness Final Four: Wisconsin, Florida Fans Found Most Destructive With Mobile Devices

4/3/2014 Novi, MI – April 3, 2014 – As America prepares for the final rounds of this season’s men’s college basketball games, ProtectCELL® compared the fan bases of each participating school to determine which was more likely to require mobile device protection.
The study – which analyzed each school’s regional data – suggests University of Florida fans to be clumsier than UConn supporters, with Gators fans 48 percent more inclined to require a replacement smartphone or tablet. On the other side of the bracket, Wisconsin fans were found to be 31 percent more destructive with their mobile devices as compared to their Kentucky counterparts.

ProtectCELL’s findings measure the frequency of mobile replacements for smartphones and tablets across the company’s more than 2 million plans sold.  

“Casualties of technology are not uncommon amongst passionate sports fans,” observed ProtectCELL Chief Marketing Officer Scott McLaren. “With the tournament coming to a close, we are sure to hear new stories of mobile devices lost or destroyed along the way. ProtectCELL is happy to offer mobile protection plans for our less fortunate Wisconsin and Florida fans – and anyone else looking to protect their device during the heat of battle – this tournament season and beyond.”
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