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New iPhone cases provide flair, protection for the winter months

New iPhone cases provide flair, protection for the winter months


Looking for a way to express some holiday cheer through your mobile device? Or perhaps you're concerned about the effect the cold, messy winter weather might have on your smartphone and want some additional protection to fight off wear and tear.

If you're an iPhone user, you have quite an array of options to choose from, as a number of cases available for the Apple smartphone suit the mood and challenges of winter perfectly. 

Two cases to indulge your holiday excitement
For Apple enthusiasts who get excited about all things holiday-oriented - Christmas music, gingerbread cookies, snowmen, etc. - there are iPhone case options for them to display their seasonal spirit. The Gadget Review recently spotlighted the VanD Flashing iPhone Case, a case that lights up when the phone receives a text message, phone call or other notification. What's more, there are holiday-specific designs available, one of which features blinking snowflakes. But don't worry, they'll only be visible when lit up.

"A nice touch, though, is that otherwise, it's just another clear plastic case for your phone, allowing you to be discreet when you want to be and garish when you don't," the source noted.

Meanwhile, the Speck Holiday Candyshell is a highly durable case made of military-grade materials available in one design that features Santa Claus and another that sports a reindeer and snowflake, according to the Phones Review.

Think culinary
Food is a major component of holiday celebrations - and what better way to express your culinary enthusiasm than with a case that makes your iPhone look like your favorite dish or dessert? Tuaw recently pointed out that there's quite an array of such cases available for purchase on Etsy. An iPhone user with a sweet tooth can pick up a phone shell that resembles an ice cream sandwich - this one looks quite convincing - or another that decks out the device in fake M&Ms. One particularly elaborate case recreates the look of whipped cream, chocolate and strawberries. And for those who prefer savory foods, there's a case that covers the rear of your iPhone in faux bacon.

Protect your phone in style
Perhaps you're not so keen on novelty items like these, however, and are instead looking for a case that suits your refined sensibilities at the same time as it keeps your iPhone safe from harm.

The Mac Observer recently featured the S Series iPhone 5/5S cases by Evutec. This line of iPhone shells is sleek yet undeniably durable, the source noted, as they're lightweight yet reinforced with layers of Kevlar. The cases fall into two stylistic camps, one with a bamboo or ebony wood finish, and another with a Kevlar coating. All the cases are scratch-resistant, so you don't have to worry about scuffing these attractive shells. The source pointed out, however, that as they fit the iPhone quite tightly, it can be difficult to remove your device once it's inserted.

Those who want an even more rugged, textured look and feel might consider Kerf's line of wooden cases. 9to5Mac noted that these solid, all-wood products are very thick and don't allow for any unwanted bending. They're also designed to let you easily slip your iPhone in and out of its shell. An oak or black walnut model will run you $59 in comparison with Evutec's $39.95, while live edge cherry or sycamore models cost $129.

No case - no matter how stylishly sturdy - is foolproof, of course. Some accidents can be just too damaging or high-impact for a case to be effective. If you couple physical protection with a ProtectCELL smartphone plan, however, you'll have the benefit of phone buyback in case truly bad luck befalls your device, as well as security for your data and identity as you go about your shopping and other winter activities.

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