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Market for connected car technology rising

Market for connected car technology rising


Connectivity has had a profound effect on many people's everyday lives. However, it hasn't just been the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets that led the charge toward a world that feels much smaller and is always on. Machine to machine (M2M) solutions are also becoming more influential, giving rise to the idea of the Internet of Things, in which more objects are being networked and imbued with the ability to communicate amongst themselves. Enhanced telematics (the use of telecommunications and informatics tools) are one important part of this trend.

According to a recent report by Research and Markets, the global telematics market is set to experience significant improvements within the next few years, rising at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.67 percent between 2012 and 2016. Analysts noted that escalating awareness of road safety is one of the most important factors contributing to these increases. Additionally, the adoption of the voice recognition systems in telematics solutions is also on the uptick.

The source pointed out that when it comes to this particular aspect of M2M, car manufacturers are among the leading organizations in this industry. In fact, businesses such as BMW AG, General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. are all key vendors in the telematics space.

Looking ahead
In an article for VentureBeat, Pavan Mathew, global head of connected car for Telefonica Digital, projected that 90 percent of cars will feature built-in connectivity by 2020, a gargantuan jump from the current figure of 10 percent. Mathew said that while integrated connectivity is one solution automakers are focusing on with increasing fervor, brought-in and hybrid models are also important to consider. He pointed out that while the excitement surrounding smartphone-based telematics is significant, there are still some vehicles that require a degree of embedded connectivity to function correctly. As such, car manufacturers such as Ford have largely eschewed the brought-in approach. Mathew asserted that the next platform war may occur in the automobile industry as consumers make more choices about how they prefer to use telematics solutions on the go.

As connected cars become more common and the tools they feature become more advanced, it will be more important than ever for companies to make sure they can meet consumers' needs. Especially when vehicles are involved, problems with M2M systems could lead to issues that are not only inconvenient, but even dangerous at times. And the more drivers get used to relying on telematics for certain resources such as directions or certain safety features, the more important this duty becomes. 

Fortunately, ProtectCELL has the necessary solutions in the form of its M2M protection plan. Companies can get the expanded care options they need to ensure their M2M systems are up and running at all times, meaning those technologies will be there for customers whenever they need them most. Taking excellent care of M2M systems can help businesses in the automotive industry and beyond achieve stronger results by supporting a more satisfied client base.

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