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Machine to machine technologies continue growth

Machine to machine technologies continue growth


The world of communication technologies is growing in leaps and bounds. Just a few years ago, the idea of having Internet connectivity almost anywhere was unimaginable, and while there has been  a huge advancement, progress doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Among some of the emerging trends that both businesses and consumers are becoming more interested in and enthusiastic about are machine to machine (M2M) solutions, which help devices communicate with one another to create some truly incredible conveniences.

It's no surprise that growth in the M2M market clearly shows that these technologies are set for a takeover. Telecom Engine reported that in a recent Frost & Sullivan report, analysts predicted that in North America alone, the market for M2M software and services is likely to generate revenues of $788.4 million in 2018. What's most remarkable is how quickly these figures are increasing - in 2012, revenues totaled just $175.4 million.  

Muthuraman Ramasamy, an industry analyst with Frost & Sullivan, explained that versatility is among M2M solutions' greatest assets. Many industries are set to see the benefits of greater connectivity, and this could help drive more growth.

"A number of vertical markets are seeing tremendous potential for remote monitoring," said Ramasamy, according to Telecom Engine. "From monitoring assets in the oil and gas industry to remote health monitoring in the healthcare industry, the benefits of adoption are more clear to see."

Additionally, Telecom Engine noted that a study from ABI Research also showed that M2M's future is promising. While revenues generated by M2M modules last year didn't surpass the $1 billion the industry had hoped for, experts are confident that the market will exceed that amount in 2013.

But what about protection...
Where there are devices, there's a need to prevent damage. As M2M advances, it's important not only to keep these technologies in working order for convenience's sake, but to make sure that they amount to smart investments over the long term. It's important to remember, though, that the manufacturer's warranty won't always be sufficient, especially since many M2M tools are built to have lengthy lifespans. Once those warranties run out, businesses and consumers don't want to be left without the protection they need

"Long repair times for mission critical devices can be catastrophic for M2M-reliant companies," Bryan Finnerty, ProtectCELL vice president of national sales, explained. "With the experience of creating the industry's first line of M2M protection plans and service offerings behind us, we deliver tried and true solutions that reduce repair times and can be customized for individual needs. That includes turnkey sales, claims processing and fulfillment programs, plus top flight training systems."

Through ProtectCELL, companies can be sure that they always have access to the services they rely on.

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