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M2M technology facilitates energy-efficient innovations

M2M technology facilitates energy-efficient innovations


Machine-to-machine (M2M) technology is bound to have an extremely widespread impact in the coming years. In industrial plants, workers are leveraging M2M communication networks to control and monitor complex manufacturing processes, Frost & Sullivan noted. M2M's wireless systems offer a more advanced alternative to traditional methods of connecting industrial machines by cables.

Meanwhile, M2M has enabled the possibility of "the connected car." According to Mashable, car manufacturers are exploring this technology in their efforts to create vehicles capable of self-diagnosing issues. Designers hope that smart cars will be able to report problems to drivers and suggest a local auto repair shop. The connected car could have tremendously beneficial safety implications, as M2M technology allows cars to make quick, automatic decisions to prevent accidents. Telefonica's 2013 "Connected Car Industry Report" noted that Machina Research predicted 90 percent of new cars will have M2M capabilities by 2020.

​M2M's role in the green movement
M2M will have a particularly substantial impact on green technology developments. According to AT&T, M2M advancements could lead to reduced carbon emissions in connected cars. With real-time data-gathering and analysis capabilities, smart cars have the potential to be extremely fuel-efficient vehicles.

According to Gigaom Research, smart grid engineers are adopting M2M networking to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency. M2M data could provide new opportunities for the demand response capabilities of smart energy systems.

In the oil and gas sector, researchers are studying how M2M could facilitate remote surveillance capabilities, mitigate safety risks and increase operational efficiency. Currently, sensor data obtained from M2M systems is being used to make the distribution of oil and gas faster and more accurate.

AT&T pointed out that green building developers are implementing M2M solutions to design energy-efficient "smart buildings." M2M technology will help facility directors meet energy standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Water conservation efforts could also benefit from M2M. GreenBiz reported that agricultural processes are implementing smart technology to reduce unnecessary irrigation. The source cited World Wildlife Fund figures that indicate at least 60 percent of water is wasted as the result of inefficient irrigation systems. Fortunately, that number seems likely to drop in the coming years. A number of wine companies have already adopted M2M systems in an effort to improve water conservation. Additionally, firms like OnFarm are creating cloud-based services to simplify M2M agricultural processes for farmers.

M2M in the business world
While M2M is still in its early stages of development in energy-efficient engineering, it has already proven to be an incredibly beneficial technology for companies. Today, businesses rely on M2M to connect modems, routers, gateways and handhelds in one interconnected system.

In the age of the bring-your-own-device program, it is crucial that companies have robust network protection. M2M systems need to provide a level of security that cannot be matched by mobile phone insurance. ProtectCELL's M2M program makes this possible. This scalable plan is customized to fit each business's specific technology needs.

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