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M2M set to increase convenience

M2M set to increase everyday convenience for consumers


There was time when machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies were strictly business. Many consumers simply weren't aware of these solutions because companies weren't using them in many customer-facing ways, but as advancements have continued rolling in, enterprises have changed their tactics. Now, M2M stands to make a big impact on how people live their everyday lives.

Fierce Mobile IT reported that according to a recent forecast by IHS, the M2M value-added service market is poised to generate approximately $10 billion in revenues by 2017. Compared to just a couple of years ago, this represents explosive growth: While there were 91.4 million cellular M2M connections in 2011, there may be as many as 374.9 million units by 2017. 

"The next Internet wave will be the M2M revolution, where almost anything - from an automobile, to a shipping container, to a home electricity meter - can become a part of a vast network," said Sam Lucero, senior principal analyst for M2M and Internet of things at IHS, as quoted by the source.

While Lucero asserted that the cost and complexity of deploying and maintaining cellular M2M applications is still daunting for some organizations, those that implement such solutions have a chance to be part of this rapidly-developing evolution. 

CRN pointed out that there a number of ways that businesses in all industries may be able to leverage M2M for increased customer convenience and quality of life. For one, the source explained that these technologies are becoming extremely important in the healthcare sector, where telemedicine is allowing physicians to serve their patients from afar with the help of connected medical tools, video conferencing resources and more. The news provider cited eCardio as one medical enterprise that is making good use of advanced technology: The company has developed a remote cardiac monitoring system that works on M2M and a cellular network. Patients can independently keep track of their heart health and instantly send the data they gather to their doctors through a phone line, giving the professionals real-time insight that will help them detect abnormalities even when a face-to-face appointment isn't possible.

Additionally, CRN cited such modern conveniences as FeeandGo's M2M-powered remote pet feeder. Once installed, owners can use a smartphone app to send a message to a connected food dispenser at any time, giving them the freedom to leave the house even at their pet's dinnertime. The source added that the technology allows the owner to choose which type of food is issued from the container, and caretakers can even include a recording of their own voice calling the animal to come eat.

Companies that are helping the world move into a more technological age need support. By getting an M2M protection plan from ProtectCELL to supplement any insurance they may have, businesses can ensure that their systems are up and running whenever their customers need them. This way, M2M-reliant businesses can bolster their results by keeping users happy and connected at all times.

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