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M2M market sees further growth, innovation

M2M market sees further growth, innovation


Machine to machine (M2M) technology is reshaping the role of smartphones and tablets in the workplace, even beyond what bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives have done. By connecting employee- or company-owned mobile devices to remote machines, the technology reveals just how agile and efficient the wireless workforce can be.

As such, the M2M market has only continued to grow in recent months. Research and Markets recently announced that it had added the study "Global M2M Wireless Services Market 2012-2016" to its database. In the report, researchers predict that the worldwide M2M network market  will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 29.05 percent between now and 2016.

The results of the study suggest that the market will develop as quickly as network service providers can keep up with the demand.

"The global market has the capability of consuming millions of M2M devices assuming an availability of a steady state of data services," a member of the research team commented.

Meanwhile, research firm Infonetics announced that the M2M market brought in $849 million during first six months of 2013, a 10 percent increase over the latter half of 2012.

Using M2M to make business smarter 
Remotely controlling machines is not the only use of M2M, however. In a post for Forbes, Alexander Wolfe, strategic communications director for software giant Oracle, highlighted the way in which the technology can be implemented to make more intelligent, informed business decisions based on a sophisticated set of data.

"M2M intelligence emerges when data gathered from hundreds - sometimes thousands - of geographically dispersed digital sensors is routed across a telecom network back to an enterprise, and is then analyzed to surface information of business value," Wolfe wrote.

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