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M2M market on the up-and-up

M2M market on the up and up


Lately, there have been a lot of technological advances that seem more likely to be out of a sci-fi novel than happening in real life. Imagine, for instance, a world in which everyday machines - from smartphones to vehicles - could talk amongst themselves. Sometimes, they'd even be able to make their own decisions to keep their owners happy. For most of us, the idea is equal parts crazy and cool.

It's also a reality - or at least, it will be soon enough. Machine to machine (M2M) solutions do all of the above and more, and the interest in these tools is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, Telecoms Engine reported that in a recent study by Analysys Mason, researchers found telecoms operators may earn as much as $88 billion in revenues from the M2M transition by 2023. By comparison, M2M revenues are expected to reach $10 billion this year.

What factors will be driving this explosive growth? The study forecast that emerging markets, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), will account for much of the increase. One reason for this may be the fact that M2M solutions are becoming more affordable, making them much more attainable to companies with restrictive budgets. When it came to how M2M technologies are being applied, Analysys Mason found that the utilities sector's adoption is poised to skyrocket, ultimately accounting for 67 percent of global M2M connections by 2023.

Numerous possibilities
ZDNet pointed out that as M2M solutions become more common, the importance of these tools for a variety of helpful functions is growing abundantly apparent. For example, transport and logistics companies may be able to manage their assets more effectively through sensors, which can accurately track packages in real-time. Plus, the news provider noted those same technologies can supply consumers with a great deal of conveniences by providing well-updated information on where buses, trains and other modes of transportation are in their journeys.

And that isn't all - the source noted that in the healthcare sector, M2M is supporting telemedicine, which gives individuals access to high-quality care wherever they are. For enterprises and consumers alike, M2M deployments in the utilities industry can reduce costs and outages by helping providers scale service and catch on to problems more quickly.

While M2M carries a wealth of critical benefits for those who utilize it, it's important for anyone leveraging these tools to carefully consider how they're going to keep them operational at all times. After all, M2M solutions can't furnish the full range of potential advantages to users if they fall into disrepair or are otherwise compromised. To prevent against these outcomes, any business leveraging M2M should consider adopting a ProtectCELL M2M protection plan. While warranties are certainly useful to have, they don't often address all the problems that could occur, and they are limited in length. Getting ProtectCELL means having great protection for as long as needed, reducing the chances that unexpected issues with M2M solutions will have an effect on a company's bottom line.

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