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How ProtectCELL can keep your data, device safe this holiday season

How ProtectCELL can keep your data, device safe this holiday season


If you're a mobile enthusiast, chances are you've already found ways in which your device can help you attend to your duties this holiday season. With the variety of apps available that ease your shopping load and help you access great holiday recipes, for example, your smart device can be a key asset for increasing convenience and productivity.

But the holidays also present their own particular set of threats to the safety of your device and its data. ProtectCELL's smartphone and tablet protection plans can help keep your mobile holiday-helper secure - and they can be a great addition to your wish list if you're expecting a new device, too.

Protect your device from potential holiday damage
Given the number of plans and responsibilities you're likely to have at this time of year, keeping your smartphone safe may not be top-of-mind. However, December is rife with scenarios in which you might incur unfortunate damage to your device.

In fact, distractions are what make the holidays a risky time for mobile protection. Say, for instance, that you're walking through a busy shopping mall, darting around other shoppers with several bags hooked around your arms and your smartphone in your hand, trying to bring up a promotion you just remembered that your favorite retailer sent via email - only to slam into the person in front of you and watch your device plummet to the linoleum.

While mobile phone insurance plans help reduce the costs of replacing a device in case of damage, many carriers still ask for a considerable fee. But ProtectCELL plans offer phone buyback, so you can recoup up to 50 percent of your device's value if it's damaged in the first year of use.

Mitigate holiday shopping threats
Mobile shopping is king when it comes to convenience, but research suggests that most users aren't prepared to deal with the dangers involved. A recent study by TripWire found that 59 percent of U.S. mobile users don't have any security software on their smartphones or tablets.

Such statistics are particularly worrisome in light of how often users store passwords and identifying information on their devices and within retailers' apps.

"Depending on the mobile browser, this information could be exposed for malicious purposes," Neohapsis security consultant Joe Schumacher recently told Computerworld.

ProtectCELL's data plans help mitigate this threat. They offer data backup and identity protection, so you'll be able to access and remotely wipe your information in case your phone is hacked or stolen.

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