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Home monitoring could be made easy with M2M

Home monitoring could be made easy with M2M


The world seems smaller today than it did in years past. With the help of advanced technology, any information you want to know or people you need to speak with are just a moment away, and all with the help of devices that can fit in your pocket. 

But if that isn't incredible enough, technology is progressing in even more convenient ways. If you haven't heard of machine to machine (M2M) technologies yet, it's about time to become aware. These solutions, which are used to allow objects to communicate with each other, have been becoming more common in the business world for increased efficiency, but it's only a matter of time before they start taking hold in the consumer sphere.

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According to technology news source Tech2, Benki may be one company worth watching in the world of M2M. The source noted that Benki recently launched a campaign on crowdfunding website Kickstarter to gain the resources it needs to produce devices that will unite smartphones with a whole range of home appliances. The plan is to leverage cellphones, battery-powered cameras and sensors to control just about anything in the home. 

Benki's website further detailed some of the capabilities the company is hoping to offer, including turning off a forgotten iron from afar, closing garage doors and turning up the radio. With parents in mind, Benki noted that these solutions could work as an even better baby monitor. Instead of being tethered to one place to make sure their child is safe, mom and dad would get alerts on their phones to let them know the little one's awake.

Tech2 added that Benki's M2M technology works via a "smart outlet," which means it can be plugged in to any appliance. Once that step's completed, users will be able to track energy use, turn electronics on and off, check their temperature and more. 

This isn't just a crazy dream. Big names in technology are also backing the idea of M2M, otherwise known as the "Internet of everything," including leading firms like Cisco. Marketplace Tech noted that people like John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, believe we could be on the verge of refrigerators that call their own repairmen and water meters that adjust independently to stop their own leaks.

"If you look back at the year 2000, maybe 200 million devices were connected, today it's 10 billion. In 2020, it is 50 billion," Chambers told the source. "We believe it will change every aspect of people's lives."

But for you to make the most of your technology and take advantage of M2M, people and companies need to get the protection they need. For businesses, getting an M2M-focused plan like ProtectCELL's can ensure that the most advanced tools are always up and running, and the same goes for consumers. If no one has your electronics' backs, there's no way you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits that emerging solutions can provide.

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