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5 unexpected ways you might break your iPhone

5 unexpected ways you might break your iPhone


Don't let the fact that you've had an iPhone for years allow you to get complacent about your ability to protect it, as you might not have thought about these five all-too-easy ways to break your device.

Sports game excitement
Baseball season is wrapping up, and football is starting to pick up steam. If you're watching an important game at the stadium or gathering around an HD screen with friends, it's easy to let your excitement overcome you to the point that you forget your iPhone is in your hand. Other World Computing pointed out that the traditional touchdown celebration - jumping up from your seat and raising your hands in the air - might just end up sending your iPhone flying to its ultimate demise.

If you're not sure you can tame your enthusiasm, ProtectCELL plans offer phone buy back to help avoid losing the remaining value of your device.

Leaving your phone on your couch
More sedentary game-watchers also run the risk of smartphone damage. With the fear that taking your eyes off the screen might make you miss a key moment or a brilliant play - not to mention the demands on your attention that the typical array of game-day snacks presents - you might end up losing track of your iPhone. However, before you decide that the best place for it is a couch cushion or the floor by your feet, consider that 32 percent of damaged iPhones break after being accidentally sat or stood on, according to PC Advisor.

Texting while bathing
It's no secret that moisture and your iPhone don't mix, but overconfidence about your ability to keep it dry around water could result in a mishap. PC Advisor noted that 35 percent of damaged iPhones break due to contact with water. That includes the usual suspects like sinks, toilets and pools, as well as more unusual places like bathtubs. Consider keeping your phone in the other room while you bathe: Putting that text message conversation on hold for 20 minutes is worth it to avoid your device's potential death by submersion.

The car roof tumble
Many people have had the experience of leaving their coffee mugs on their car roofs as they start their drives to work - only to find hot, dark liquid all over their windshields as they get moving. Now that people take their devices everywhere, that phenomenon has begun to extend to smartphones. In fact, the car roof tumble accounts for 12 percent of all iPhone damage, PC Advisor reported, a statistic that might make you think twice and slip your phone in your pocket rather than placing it on top of your vehicle before you jump into the driver's seat.

Too much social media
With your iPhone's social apps connecting you quickly and constantly with your friends, it can be easy to get caught in the world of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and forget about your device itself. Other World Computing provided a humorous but all too easily imaginable example: Say you head up to the balcony to snap the perfect selfie to post on social media, only to watch your phone slip from its precarious position in your hand to the street below. The source also noted that texting while walking can be a threat. Negotiating mobility while employing the motor skills it takes to write a text or tweet is no easy feat, and your iPhone might end up taking the fall for your distraction. Pair that with the fact that contact with a hard surface makes up 43 percent of total iPhone damage, according to PC Advisor, and you have every reason to stay off social apps when there's a risk of dropping your device.

Lest these scenarios make you think a tragic fate is destined to befall your Apple gadget, ProtectCELL's iPhone protection plans help you back up its data.

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