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4 ways your smartphone can help with your New Year

4 ways your smartphone can help with your New Year's resolutions


The new year is the ideal time to take a hard look at some of your habits over the previous 12 months and evaluate how you'd like to change them. This, of course, is the idea behind the traditional practice of setting a New Year's resolution: Kicking off January in a healthy, positive way helps set the tone for the year ahead. However, anyone who has ever made a New Year's resolution knows just how easy it can be to let one's best intentions slip and to fall behind on the new routines.

But if you're one of the many people who received a new smartphone or tablet this holiday, your fresh-out-of-the-box device opens up a wealth of resources that can help keep you focused on your goals. Even if you're relying on a tried-and-true phone or slate, consider using your mobile companion to stay on track toward these four popular resolutions.

1. Stay organized
After the rushing and last-minute shopping of the holidays, it's easy to understand why many people resolve to keep their lives more orderly in the new year. If you've made a similar resolution, there's a number of great apps for smartphones and tablets that can help you organize your tasks and structure your days.

The Onboardly blog recently spotlighted Any.Do, a calendar app that helps you manage your time wisely. The source described the app as a kind of digital personal assistant. Its interactive calendar is linked with maps to help you get where you need to go, and if you're meeting somebody, the app allows you to call or email that person directly through the program's interface.

2. Get fit
Shedding pounds is perhaps the most popular New Year's resolution, and your smartphone is particularly well-suited to help you achieve this goal.

There are plenty of apps on the iTunes App Store and Google Play that help you count calories and explore exercises, and there are also tools for tracking your progress. Lose It!, for example, combines many of these features in one, with a food log, an exercise journal and a calorie budgeting tool. 

3. Spend less
But caloric intake isn't the only kind of budget that demands attention. Given how easy it is to spend more than you expected during the holiday shopping season, you may be readier than ever to adopt a stricter expense plan for the coming year.

Keeping tabs on your expenditures via pen-and-paper methods like the checkbook transaction register seems inconvenient in the mobile age. Apps like Expense Tracker, however, are the digital answer to the old tools. Expense Tracker's daily, weekly and monthly budget records make it easy to track transactions and avoid overspending.

4. Rekindle your hobbies
Perhaps your goals for the new year are more creative than practical. Writing apps like iA Writer help you access your inner scribe through your mobile device, so you can get your ideas down if inspiration strikes while you're riding the subway to work or at any other time when you might not have a notebook handy.

Or maybe you want to read more in 2014. The wealth of e-reading apps available means you can take in a good book on any smartphone or tablet you might have. Furthermore, there are a number of programs for both iPhone and Android that allow you to use your phone to record music or edit photos and videos.

As your mobile device proves indispensable in helping you attain your goals in the new year, loss or damage could be a particularly heavy blow, and mobile phone insurance may not be enough to afford you peace of mind. ProtectCELL's smartphone and tablet plans offer additional protection for both your data and your device.

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