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4 smartphone-related resolutions for the new year

4 smartphone-related resolutions for the new year


If you're among the growing cohort of Americans who rely on their smartphones in nearly every aspect of their lives, you may already be well aware of the various ways in which your device can help you attain your goals in the new year - whether that might be to get fit, stay organized, save money or any other of the popular aims people set for themselves in January. But what about adopting a New Year's resolution in which your smartphone plays an integral role, rather than an auxiliary one? Consider challenging yourself to achieve one of these four device-related goals this year.

1. Use your device to go green
People are becoming more environmentally conscious - but the ways in which smartphones can contribute to individuals' efforts in green living aren't as well-known as they should be. In a post for Wired's Innovation Insights blog, Baidu Director of International Marketing Jeff Becker discussed a number of strategies for using your mobile handset to become more eco-friendly. He pointed out that people can take advantage of their phones' resources to make for more energy-efficient commutes.

"There are many great apps that can help you find carpools, avoid traffic and discover quicker routes to get where you're going," Becker wrote.

Becker also noted that there are battery-saving apps now available, and these can help your phone keep a charge for longer, thereby reducing your device's energy consumption.

2. Make your smartphone a running companion
For many of us, "get fit" is just too broad a resolution to be effective. If you're looking to narrow down your exercise-related goals, consider setting yourself a weekly running routine and making your smartphone an integral part of how you do your workouts. The MapMyRun app, for instance, can help you track how far you run in each session, so it's an ideal way to make sure that you're hitting your intended progress milestones.

3. Get a mobile education
Looking to broaden your learning this year? Your smartphone may just be the perfect classroom. Jason Rodway, a contributor to the Apartment Therapy blog, pointed out in a recent post that the educational resources on the iTunes U app go beyond just textbooks for high school and college students, providing ways for the interested amateur to bone up on a variety of subjects.

"Topics such as art, business, the various sciences, literature or mathematics are just some of the genres to expect from this robust service. I found it a great app to learn some advanced cooking recipes and brush up on some preliminary Japanese," Rodway wrote.

4. Get proactive about protecting your device
If you've ever had to call upon your mobile phone insurance after damaging or losing your device, you know firsthand just how important it is to have the right coverage. And if you've adopted one of the three resolutions above, it may be especially important to protect your phone so that you can stay on track toward achieving your goals. ProtectCELL's smartphone protection plans help protect your device's value with phone buyback, as well as its data through backup and remote wiping tools.

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