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3 apps to organize spring cleaning tasks

4 apps to organize spring cleaning tasks


With spring in the air, it's time for homeowners to finally take care of all those housekeeping tasks they've had on their to-do lists for so long. Spring cleaning can become slightly overwhelming when chore lists begin to pile up, so it helps for individuals to stay organized. Mobile apps can help them do so.

Here are four apps that spring-cleaners may want to install to help themselves stay on track:

1) Spring Cleaning Checklist
Spring Cleaning Checklist suggests spring cleaning duties for different rooms of the house, helping users remember essential tasks that they might have left off their lists. For example, the bathroom list reminds people to scrub sinks, wipe countertops, clean blinds and remove curtains. Additionally, the app provides tips for family spring cleaning activities so households can make their chores more collaborative, and perhaps even fun.

2) Chore Hero
When homeowners turn spring cleaning into a friendly competition, it can motivate family members to do their part and make chores more exciting. Chore Hero shakes up the spring cleaning process with a reward system in which harder workers earn more points.

App users can select a setting that randomly picks an individual to be the chore person for the day. Alternatively, spring cleaning organizers could create a clearly laid-out weekly schedule. Users can set higher difficulty levels for chores that no one wants to take on, so participants will be more willing to complete those tasks and rack up points.

3) BrightNest
​This spring cleaning app delivers customized tips for homeowners' unique needs and provides users with instructions on how to tackle more complicated tasks. The personal schedule feature lets spring cleaners assign duties for next week or the months ahead. When a scheduled task is coming up, the app sends users a notification to remind them. BrightNest also features thousands of articles on DIY projects, organizing, cleaning, design and maintenance.

4) Rumgr
​Spring cleaning gives homeowners a chance to sell items that are simply taking up space in their houses. Rumgr connects users with potential buyers for these unwanted goods. According to Fox News, the app lets individuals take pictures of items and put them up for sale in a matter of seconds.

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