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2013's most important smartphones


When new mobile devices hit the market, the impact they have is much greater than the media attention they garner or the high sales numbers they generate for retailers and manufacturers. Smartphones are altering the way we conduct our lives - so when a game-changing new gadget is released, it often has wide-ranging implications.

In 2013, the trend toward smartphones and tablets taking the place of laptop and desktop computers marched on, so mobile devices' importance to consumers' lives is arguably greater now than ever before. Here are some of the highlights from this year's most important smartphone releases.

Google Nexus 5
One of the year's most attractive Android phones came from the product line of the same company that developed the world's most popular mobile operating system. Google's Nexus 5 is a sizeable device: Firstpost pointed out that the phone's screen spans nearly 5 inches. But it has the features and processing power to match its physical robustness. The source noted that Google's latest smartphone sports a quad-core Snapdragon processor, in addition to Optical Image Stabilization on its 8-megapixel rear camera and a high-resolution HD display.

But the Android world comes with many options, and the Nexus 5 isn't everyone's top choice. In a column for VentureBeat, mobile tech expert Devindra Hardawar argued that the HTC One was the top Android phone of the year, giving Apple products a serious run for their money.

"I spent most of 2013 enamored with HTC's One, which marked the first time an Android phone felt as polished as an iPhone. ... Together with major improvements in Android, the One was the first time I felt that another phone platform could outclass the iPhone," Hardawar wrote. He pointed to the One's large screen and solid metal frame as part of his basis for this evaluation.

Samsung Galaxy S4
​The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Android phone that pulled out all the stops in 2013. Firstpost noted that the device's rear camera boasts a whopping 13 megapixels, in addition to more unusual features like AirGesture, which lets you answer calls without actually touching the screen.

iPhone 5S
Hardawar is far from alone in his opinion that the iPhone 5S was the best smartphone release of the year. Its improved hardware means that iOS 7 runs seamlessly, and the impressive A7 processing chip makes it one of the fastest, most powerful phones on the market.

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