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Choosing the Right Smartphone


There is no “right” brand or model, only the “right” set of features, either mechanical or virtual, that you intend on using.

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At Long Last, the iPhone 5 is Here!


I’ve been hanging on to my faithful companion, the iPhone 4, impatiently waiting for the iPhone 5’s debut. Now I can finally prepare myself for our inevitable separation. 

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Did You Know Your iPhone Can…


With just a few quick changes to your settings can help take your iPhone experience to the next level.

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Too Smart & Too Valuable


Your smartphone is an identity thiefs gateway to profit.

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Smartphone Olympics: iPhone, Galaxy S III, HTC One X


This time we’ll be looking at four areas of competition: screen quality, sound quality, the camera, and video camera, with multiple events in each.

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The New Samsung Galaxy S III is Out of this World.


It is finally here. The anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III is now available in the U.S. and for the most part has not disappointed.

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Business CELLutions To Relieve Your Stress


Your organization is tech-centric and your users are tech savvy.  You’ve armed your staff with a "fleet" of mobile devices to include iPhones, Droids, BlackBerrys and iPad tablets. And you need help.

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Top Troubleshooting Tips for BlackBerry Devices


Often times, the average user of mobile technology will encounter minor problems and has no idea what to do.Not to worry.

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What Every Dad Really Wants


Gone are the days when ties, cheap tools and car accessories are socially acceptable. It’s time to step up your game and get Dad something he really wants.

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ProtectCELL Says Go Green!


According to studies, more than 129 million cell phones end up in landfills each year.  But not ProtectCELL phones.

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The Rapid Evolution of Smart Phones


Smartphones have grown at a rate not seen since the personal computer, and even that analogy does not come close to giving you the scope of the explosion.

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Adding Partners That Help Us Protect You


Do you keep sensitive data on your electronic device, shop online, visit social websites or download information from the Internet? Then you are at risk for identity theft.

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Honoring The Past By Helping The Present


ProtectCELL is proud to support the Cell Phones for Soldiers organization.

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Customer Service – We do what’s right


So, where is a good place to find a phone? Well… at the bottom of a pool, lake, mountain or fire pit for starters. Hopefully your phone survived after this weekend, but if not don’t worry.

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CTIA Wireless 2012 - Recap


ProtectCELL joined the rest of the wireless industry on the floor of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center for the 2012 CTIA Wireless event. 

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Who Is ProtectCELL And What Do You Guys Do?


When I decided to make a change in my career and join the ProtectCELL team, one of the most common questions asked was, “Who is ProtectCELL and what do you guys do?”

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The Wireless Super Bowl – CTIA Wireless 2012


From May 8-10, 2012, people from all over the world will gather in New Orleans for the biggest event in the wireless industry: CTIA Wireless “All things mobile, period.”

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You Need More Than One Hero Defending Your Wireless Lifestyle


Millions of moviegoers will see the Avengers and realize earth needs more than one superhero. What most of them don’t realize is it’s their own world that needs a team of superhero defenders.

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