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A Little Mind Reading, A Big Prize for YOU

9/9/2013 Thanks for stopping by ProtectCELL’s blog. Today I’m going to dazzle you with my mindreading skills and, for one lucky reader, make your day with one heck of a prize. I’ve just put on my swami hat, my fingers are at my temples, and here goes…
  • You’re reading a blog on a mobile protection service provider’s website. You, sir/ma’am, are a tech-savvy consumer who values your gizmos and their connection to the mobile world.
  • You have more than one mobile device – if you have kids they’re connected as well – and you do more than your fair share of texting, pic snapping and staring at your small screens throughout the day.
  • You know that having your device and its contents protected is s smart move, which you probably learned the hard way by losing or breaking your phone sometime in the past.
  • You know that Apple is about to release the new iPhone 5s and there is a fair amount of buzz on the street about the possible cool things it may do.
Well, how’d I do? Nailed it? Came close?
In any case, here’s the potential reward I promised:
ProtectCELL is giving away one brand new iPhone 5s, including a 2-year ProtectCELL COMPLETE protection plan, for absolutely FREE. All YOU have to do, my fine reader, if jet over to our Facebook page and LIKE us (and fill out the darn form). Since, as of this writing, Apple has yet to announce the price tag I cannot give you an exact value, but suffice it to say it will have been a big return on your investment of the 1.5 minutes it takes to enter.
So thank you again for stopping by. And may the best LIKER win!
Click here to enter in contest.

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