Choosing the Right Smartphone

9/25/2012 Apple, Android, BlackBerry? Which will you choose?Open a Sunday advertisement or visit any multimedia site and you’ll find a vast variety of smartphones to choose from. It might seem a bit overwhelming, especially for those that will be taking their first step into the “smartphone world,” verses someone wanting a smartphone upgrade.

There is no “right” brand or model, only the “right” set of features, either mechanical or virtual, that you intend on using.

For many of us, smartphones have become more of a requirement than a luxury. But with the spike in smartphone use and increase in choices, there are also many questions. Which smartphone should I get? Or, what operating system (OS), Android or iPhone? Which brand is better? And many more.

Smartphones aren’t cheap and neither are the plans they require. Take the time to do a little research to help you figure out what you need and what you can live without. It will be worth it.

Here are a few tips that we think will help you in your search.
  1. Do I need a smartphone? Ask yourself, what do I need a smartphone for? Is it web browsing, emails, sending files, a robust calendar, using GPS, having all of your multimedia (music, photos, videos) all on one device? Figuring these out will steer you in the right direction.
  2. Choose the right carrier. To find the right wireless technology company, check out which one has the best coverage in your area. Having a great smartphone is meaningless if you can’t connect to the web or are constantly dropping calls. Smartphones work best on faster 3G, 4G and 4G LTE networks. And yes, there is a difference between the three. 
  3. Get a budget! As mentioned previously, smartphones aren’t cheap. And keep in mind that the least expensive smartphone may not be the one for you either. Put it this way, you most likely spent $75 on a good cordless landline phone, $150 for a good MP3 player and $200 for an average GPS unit. Already, you’re at $425! Yes, you can get all that technology on one handheld device. In most cases, you can get the “best” smartphone for under $400. (If you’re due for an upgrade). My recommendations would be start at the top and work down from there. The worst experience may be outgrowing your smartphone before your carrier‘s service agreement expires. But that can happen, and that’s why a service like ProtectCELL’s Device Buyback can be a lifesaver. Choosing a smartphone can be tough!
  4. Kick the Tires! Researching smartphone comparisons online is great, but go out and visit your local stores and get that physical feel for how the device handles. You may be a “fingernail” typer and find that a manual keyboard is your thing. Or, you may carry a small purse and find the size of your device is important. All of these things may come into play when you actually hold the smartphone in hand and “kick the tires!” (Please don’t actually kick the smartphones, I don’t think the store’s personnel would be to happy about it).
  5. Peer Pressure! Chances are that after all of the research and road testing, there are friends, co-workers or family members that are recommending a specific smartphone for you. This is great, chances are they have actual experience with various smartphones and can give valuable insight. Ask them what positives and negatives they may have experienced with their particular device. Make sure that your specific needs are met in their recommendation, and if everything works out, you’ll have a personal trainer for your new cell phone!

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