At Long Last, the iPhone 5 is Here!

9/21/2012 Apple iPhone 5I’ve been hanging on to my faithful companion, the iPhone 4, impatiently waiting for the iPhone 5’s debut. Now I can finally prepare myself for our inevitable separation.

Thankfully, I’m due for upgrade with AT&T in October, but I’ve still got a few decisions to make. Should I stay with AT&T or make the move to Verizon? How many GBs do I actually need for all those apps I love? And most importantly, black or white, and will there be an adorable case I can’t live without?

The iPhone has been my weapon of choice since its beginning. And the iPhone 5 brings to the table many exciting updates, starting with the design. The screen is bigger, but only in height, so the phone will still fit nicely in the cell phone pocket of my favorite handbag.

The faster processor and increased battery life are both big wins in my book. It’s not to say the iPhone 4 was lacking in either of these areas, but improvements in core features are always a good thing. The addition of the front-facing HD video camera is nice, too.

My main dilemma is whether or not to make the switch to Verizon. 4G LTE is awfully tempting, and if I want to take advantage of everything the iPhone 5 brings to the table I may need to switch back to Verizon after many years with AT&T. Even though I just got a mailer from AT&T touting its “new” data sharing plan, which would allow me to tether my iPad and vehicle communication system without a separate (expensive) monthly data plan for each. It appears to be a knock-off of the data sharing plan Verizon has offered for the past few years. And, AT&T really doesn’t yet have the 4G network coverage that Verizon has, although it’s on the horizon for early 2013.

Although I do have a few decisions left to make before my purchase, I do know two things: I will get a protection plan on my new iPhone 5, and I’ll be trading in my 4 for some extra cash. With the ProtectCell BuyBack program, I can get up to 25% of the full retail value (back when I purchased it) to help pay for my iPhone 5.

It’s no surprise an accessory fanatic like me is this excited about getting the latest gadget to keep me connected and looking cool. At least until the iPhone 6 is announced…

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