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No-Shave November

11/26/2013 One of the great things about working at ProtectCELL is that we get to do good work and work for good at the same time. We know we can make our community a better place for everyone. It’s all part of our ongoing Mission 3.2.1 activities and goes to show how we can help improve life and the community while having fun.

By now, you know that No-Shave November was not a tribute to Duck Dynasty. (Nobody’s beard got that long and wearing camo to the office never fooled anyone anyhow.) This particular gauntlet was thrown at the male portion of the staff in support of MOVEMBER, the global organization behind prostate cancer research. We liked it because it’s such a worthy cause, plus it’s still another great way we’ve found to mess with peoples’ heads – well, their facial hair at least – for a good cause.

Naturally, we turned hair growth into a competition, with categories for Best Beard, Longest Beard, and Best Attempt.

The 2013 MOVEMBER No-Shave November prize winners are: (check out our facbook page for photos!)
  • Best Beard – Mike B. -  A lovely traditional lumberjack grizzle  
  • Longest Beard – Ali M. -  Some 27.5550CM (down his neck) in less than a month!
  • Best Attempt – Mark R. - Nobody wants to see him with hair there anyway. 
A stalwart few faced up (ahem) to the challenge, plunking down the competitor (grower) registration fee. Others, who felt beard-growing may not be the optimal way to put their best face forward, chose to pay a picker’s fee, giving them the right to critique others… also known as voting on their faves. Between the two, we managed to generate more than $400 for the Movember charity. Just as important, we helped raise awareness of a disease more widespread than breast cancer.

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