You Need More Than One Hero Defending Your Wireless Lifestyle


In May 2012, millions of moviegoers will see the Avengers and realize earth needs more than one superhero to protect it. What most of them don’t realize is it’s their own world that needs a team of superhero defenders.

ProtectCELL plans have super powersLet’s face it; in today’s wireless world, damaging your phone is the least of your worries. New villains have taken to the streets (and internet) and they’re after more than just your new iPhone. They want your information and data, so they can wreak havoc on you and your lifestyle. So just like Nick Fury gathered his team of Avengers, you need to assemble a shield of protection for yourself.

Most people already understand the need for basic cell phone protection. So they go with what they know, cell phone protection and replacement – aka: Captain America. It’s reliable, durable and although it has no super powers, it gets the job done. This is your typical cell phone insurance. Yeah, it works, but is that enough protection against today’s evildoers?

Lost or stolen cell phones present even more problems with the potential loss or misuse of your personal data. You need someone or something to keep watch of your device and its data. Just as Hawkeye watches over the city, a mobile security app watches over your information keeping it out of harm’s way. With the abilities to remotely lock, locate and wipe a device - along with backing up personal files – mobile security applications put you in control.

The biggest, baddest villains out there are the ones who try and steal your identity. So every team needs some Hulk-like muscle to foil their plans, such as services like LifeLock that provide both identity theft consultation and restoration services. Heaven forbid your identity is stolen. That’s when LifeLock gets angry, and bad guys won’t like them when they’re angry.

With technology changing faster than a speeding bullet, you don’t want to be stuck with a paperweight. But since you’re not Tony Stark and can’t build your Iron Man suit (or the latest and greatest device), you’ll need a cell phone buyback program. It will turn that scrap metal into cash so you can get the cell phone you really want. Allowing you to keep up with the Joneses…and the Starks.

So with your whole world now sitting digitally in the palm of your hand, who can rise to the challenge to defend it all? Typical cell phone insurance is unable to fight all of the injustice of your wireless world. But a super team of Mobile Services – device replacement, mobile security, identity theft services, and device buyback – can work together to defend your Wireless Lifestyle to move you beyond insurance and warranties and experience the maximum protection from ProtectCELL.

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