Who Is ProtectCELL And What Do You Guys Do?

5/14/2012 Doing things "A Better Way"Before joining ProtectCELL, I worked at one of the Big Three automakers for several years.  I was never questioned by family or friends on what my company did or even the purpose of our business.  But when I decided to make a change in my career and join the ProtectCELL team, one of the most common questions asked was, “Who is ProtectCELL and what do you guys do?” 

It seems a simple enough question to answer.  However, I was recently pushed beyond our simple yet effective, or so I thought, “elevator pitch” by one of my sons who prodded further by asking, “What makes your company win?” 

First off, I must admit that I admire his competitive spirit.  Sports run deep with my sons and I.  But as I gave his question some deeper thought, I realized it wasn’t the business aspect of the company that drew me here, it was the culture and the people. 

As I explained to him who ProtectCELL is and what we do, I found myself looking for some form of sports analogy.  They seem to usually work with my children.  We certainly aren’t widely well known, yet we’re not passionately and consistently frustrating like the Cowboys or the Cubs. And we’re not a dynasty like the Yankees, Red Wings or Steelers.  After all, by definition, a dynasty has to be around for a while and stand the test of time. 

As a company, we are only six years strong.  But in those six years, we have certainly established ourselves as a force and a leader in the wireless industry.  And, much like a dynasty, we have challenged the status quo and gained a lot of recognition for our efforts and our approach to our partners and customers.  But that’s likely a bit deep for my son so, I tried to look at it a different way and describe ProtectCELL to him in terms of what his favorite teams mean to him. 

I told him ProtectCELL is like the Detroit Tigers.  And I play with a team of people that really want to win, just like the Tigers.  We are a group of people who bring different talents and skills to the table, but everyone has their role. Each role is just as important as the other and contributes to be a successful team. 

I explained that we are a group of people that depend on one another, just like Justin Verlander does with the Tigers.  Each day, we practice to perfect ourselves to deliver the best customer service possible, and work tirelessly to offer the best products possible.  And I told him, that we, like all winning teams, have all-stars and a leadership team that supports our efforts and encourages us to take risks. 

As I continued with my explanation, and possibly creating the façade that he’ll one day see me on TV wearing a ProtectCELL uniform, I couldn’t help but think specifically about how fond I am of the culture and people I work with, and am happy to be part of a team that is poised to make a good run for many years to come.
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