Customer Service – We do what’s right

5/23/2012 We do what's right for our customersCustomer Service – We do what’s right

So, where is a good place to find a phone? Well… at the bottom of a pool, lake, mountain or fire pit for starters. Hopefully your phone survived after this weekend, but if not don’t worry. We have high anticipation for what the Tuesday after a long holiday weekend will bring.

Our team is well rested and prepared to work through lunch if necessary. “Why?” you ask. Because many ProtectCELL members have been swimming, hiking, barbecuing and enjoying their weekend. That means that their phones (and other devices) have been subjected to doing these same things. Many of our members had a great weekend while others… not so much. The one device that stores practically their whole life, including business contacts, is wet, smashed or just plain gone. But the sign of relief appears on their face as they remember when their store representative encouraged them to buy ProtectCELL. Just make the call and another phone is on its way.

Even the Night Owls Can Call Us

As our business has grown, along with your increasing need for a phone, ProtectCELL has extended our hours to accommodate everyone. The call center where you can request a phone is open seven days a week from 9 a.m.-midnight EST. You can reach a customer service representative by calling 877.775.3274.

The Buck Doesn’t Stop Here

ProtectCELL isn’t perfect, although we really strive for 100% satisfaction. In those rare instances where things just aren’t going your way, you’re able to speak with one of our highly skilled customer support representatives located in ProtectCELL’s corporate office.

Most of our customer support team have previously worked for cell phone stores with major carriers. They can provide valuable information on technical issues and troubleshooting, which is great service for our members. What you’ll find at ProtectCELL that you don’t find in many businesses today is that our customer support team is empowered to make decisions. This gives them the opportunity to be creative in solving problems based on customers’ needs. Although we have guidelines, nothing is set in stone, so we have the flexibility to do what is necessary to make each individual customer happy.

We make our customers happyHappiness is….a ProtectCELL Team Member

ProtectCELL is an innovative company that does what is necessary to keep highly motivated, happy employees. We all know that happy employees are productive employees, and this rings true for our customer service and support team. They are friendly and understand how stressful it is to be without a working phone. ProtectCELL’s team knows what it takes to “go the extra mile” for a customer, because they happily do it every day.

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