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ProtectCELL Reviewed in Wired

3/24/2014 Well, someone made an impression at CES.

Our presence and blender stunting did not go unnoticed and thanks to our efforts we recently received some fantastic coverage from none other than the immensely popular and highly influential tech pub Wired. Hey-O!

Weeks before the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas we asked Wired writer Michael S. Lasky to put the comprehensive mobile security only ProtectCELL can provide to the test. We hooked up Michael with the HTC Thunderbolt and he kindly loaded up the phone with personal data leading up to the show.

Once he arrived we chucked that puppy in the blender and let ‘er rip. Cell phone smoothie. Needless to say, Michael was intrigued.

To hear more about our trip to Vegas, check out the link below where Michael talks at length about the benefits of ProtectCELL plans and throws some special love to our device replacement policy where we turn tragedy into triumph.

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