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Wireless Weekly News - 3/24


BlackBerry AppsApps to Keep an Eye on Your Bracket

One of the things March is known for in America is the NCAA Basketball Tournament or “March Madness”. Now in the age of smartphones, there are apps to keep track of your bracket when you are on the go. There are apps that manage your brackets, view stats and even find sports bars where you can catch the matchups. Now all you have to worry about is why you picked a #16 seed team to beat a #1 seed team. Check out all the apps at March Madness Apps.

BlackBerry Finally Steps Up to the Plate

The issues BlackBerry has been having in the past couple years have been focused around their dated operating system and their lack of apps. Well last month, BlackBerry was able to address the operating system issue with their release of BlackBerry 10 and a couple sleak new smartphones (the Z10 and Q10). Now BlackBerry is working to address their issue with the lack of apps. In a recent report, BlackBerry announced that they now have more than 100,000 apps available. This may be great for them, but are they the apps consumers want to see? Read more at BlackBerry Announces 100,000 Apps.

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