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Wireless Weekly News - 3/10


Galaxy S IV to be Unveiled on March 14

The next flagship smartphone for Samsung is supposed to be revealed March 14 at the “Samsung Unpacked” event in New York. This could put the Samsung Galaxy S IV in stores possibly by the end of the month. Rumors suggest more of the same top-notch features from Samsung such as an even larger screen (large enough almost to rival the Galaxy Note 2), an even faster processor and of course whatever other surprises that Samsung may have in store for consumers. There have even been rumors about the new device utilizing eye-tracking. Read more at Samsung Unpacked.
iphone 5s

Interesting iPhone 5S Rumors

There have already been a lot of rumors around what the next iPhone devices is going to be like and what it is going to include. Rumors suggest that the new iPhone could have features such as a larger display and wireless charging. Apple may also be moving the price point of the iPhone much lower than it has been in the past. Besides all of these other possibilities, Apple may be introducing a little bit of color into their smartphone line (see left). Read more at Apple iPhone 5S Rumors.

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