What Every Dad Really Wants

6/14/2012 With Father’s Day fast approaching, sons, daughters and spouses are still scrambling to find that perfect gift. Gone are the days when ties, cheap tools and car accessories are socially acceptable. It’s time to step up your game and get Dad something he really wants. But what is that?

Well, according to a few of the dads on the ProtectCELL sales team, there is one last minute gift a dad is sure to enjoy – time with his family. Each dad has a different way of spending his time, but it’s always about doing what they love with who they love.

What ProtectCELL Dads Want For Fathers Day“I’d like a day at the ballpark [Busch Stadium – St. Louis Cardinals] with my son. Pretty simple,” says Paul, an account rep from St. Louis.

Blake, also from St. Louis, likes the idea of a Cardinals game, but he’s got a little more on his to-do list.

“To be honest, the biggest thing I could ask for would be a full day with my little girl. Starting with a morning fishing session (even if we don’t catch anything), followed up with a lunch from our favorite local pizza place, and then an afternoon Cardinals game (we play the Royals at 1:15 p.m. on Father’s Day.) I have no real desire for anything in particular with gifts, that day right there would be more than I could want on Father’s Day.”

But hey, it is Father’s Day and some dads aren’t going to give up the chance at trying some new things, while spending time with their family of course.

“I would just be happy spending the time with my family and loved ones at a good restaurant. If I did have one little request for a gift it would be a new golf bag with new irons,” Omar, part of our West Coast Team, said.

Since it is Father’s Day, it should be all about Dad. Kevin from our Mountain Team has taken a little bit of a different approach.

“Let me decide how I want to spend Father’s Day. Too often spouses plan out Mother’s and Father’s Day for their significant other with brunches, BBQs etc. If I plan my own day, it means more to me, and you know you gave me exactly what I wanted!”

Our sales team does spend quite a bit of time on the road, so as you can see they cherish the time they do spend with their family. So, whether your dad is on the road a lot or not, while you’re out there looking for that perfect last minute gift, just remember that what most dad’s really want is time with their family.

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