Top Troubleshooting Tips for BlackBerry Devices

Often times, the average user of mobile technology will encounter minor problems and has no idea what to do.Not to worry. With the right knowledge, most of these issues can be overcome quite easily. These steps require no “hacking” or “service” to be done to the device, therefore keeping the manufacturer’s warranty on the device valid.
Tip 1: The Battery Pull
One of the most important tips a BlackBerry owner should know is the “Battery Pull”. This can solve many of the problems users encounter, such as: application errors, theme issues, data problems and more. Before you do anything else - always do a battery pull.
1. With the device powered on, remove the battery.
2. Leave the battery out for about 30 seconds.
3. Replace the battery and let the device reboot.
Tip 2: Soft Reset and Double Soft Reset
A soft reset will solve a great deal of problems. Some users believe a double soft reset is the equivalent of a battery pull.
1. Standard soft reset - hold down the ALT+Right SHIFT+DEL keys for about 2 seconds.
2. Double soft reset:
     a. Do a standard soft reset - the screen will go black.
     b. When the screen is no longer black, press the keys again (to perform another soft reset). You should then see another blank screen followed by an hour glass.
Tip 3: Fixing Memory Leak
Another common error encountered on RIM devices is the infamous "Memory Leak". The device will begin to randomly delete call logs and messages. This is due to the memory of the device being low, causing it to automatically free up more space by deleting these items. The first step in identifying this issue is to check the File Free on your device.
RIM BlackBerry Screenshots
1. Go to Options > Status

Here you will see your File Free displayed in Bytes (33087874 Bytes free - about 33mb in this example) is more than enough free memory. It’s a safe bet to say that you only need about 12 or 14mb (12-14000000 bytes). Older devices will have more of a problem as they have less memory to begin with.
With memory loss issues, some commonly refer to their memory cards. Keep in mind the memory cards do not affect these issues. No matter if you have a 1gb or 8gb memory card, it will not add to the installed memory on your device. An external memory card may be used for storing photos, music, movies etc. but cannot help here.

Tip 4: Not Receiving E-mail – Sending Service Books
Another very common issue is your device may not be receiving e-mail at all. If there are messages in your e-mail on a computer that have not made it to the device, you may have an issue. First off, try a battery pull. If that doesn't help, you may need to resend your service books.
1. Login to your carrier’s BIS site (a list can be found here)
BlackBerry's Carriers BIS site
2. Click the service Books link
BlackBerry service books
3.  Click “Send Service Books”
BlackBerry service books

 You should receive confirmation messages on your device if you were successful.
This is a common error as well for existing GSM BIS users who attempt to activate a new device. After putting in your SIM card, your browser icon shows immediately but not e-mail. You need to login to your BIS as above, enter the Change Device menu and activate the new device PIN. From here, resend the Service Books and you're set.

Tip 5: The Missing Browser Icon
A common issue that shows up more often than you would think is the “Missing Browser Icon”. This most commonly occurs after activating a new device or upgrading the OS. There is a simple fix, but most users don't know where to start.
1. Make sure you have a BlackBerry data plan.
2. Make sure the icon is not hidden. Press the Menu key and select Show All - see if the icon is on the screen at all.
3. Go to Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table. Press the Menu key and select Register Now.
Wait about 30 seconds and the icon should appear. Sometimes it may take longer depending on your service, so be patient. If it doesn't show up after a while (10 minutes or so), try a battery pull. After the restart, if it still doesn't appear, you may need to resend your Service Books as well.
Tip 6: Receiving Your Own Sent Gmail
A common problem when using Gmail is some users receive a copy of their emails. To resolve this, you must login to your carrier's BIS site and simply add a filter to your current Gmail address.
1. Login to BIS account
2. Next to your Gmail address, click Edit
3. Click Add Filter
4. For Filter Name, type "Sent"
5. For Apply Filter When, select "From"
6. For Contains, enter your Gmail address "xxx@gmail.com"
Tip 7: Stay Updated
Another good tip to prevent errors is to keep your Operating System (OS) updated. This is especially good for users with older devices. Many bugs can be found over time, so RIM issue updates to the operating system make things more stable. You should always have the latest official OS installed on your device.
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