Smartphone Olympics: iPhone, Galaxy S III, HTC One X

7/20/2012 With the Olympics right around the corner, we figured it was time to put the top three-smartphone competitors to the test - Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X – and hand out some gold, silver and bronze medals. Today we’ll be looking at four areas of competition: screen quality, sound quality, the camera, and video camera, with multiple events in each.

The overall Olympic winner will be determined by which phone has the best overall score. Points are assigned as follows: five points are awarded for a gold medal, three points for silver and one point for bronze.

Category: Screens
Event 1: Screen Visibility:
How easily can you view the screen in different light conditions?
GOLD – Galaxy S III - although the One X was very close, the GSIII took a slight edge when it came to reducing glare in an outdoor setting.
BRONZE – iPhone 4S

Event 2: Screen Quality: How nice is the screen to watch?
GOLD – Galaxy S III – the size of the GSII and One X dwarfed the iPhone and since the Samsung was .1 inches bigger than the HTC, it gets the gold.
BRONZE – iPhone 4S

Category: Sound
Event 3: Media Volume: How loud can you play my music?

GOLD – iPhone 4S – honestly, not even sure the other two should get medals in this round that’s how much louder the iPhone was.

Event 4: Sound Quality: How well does the music sound?
GOLD – iPhone 4S – this was real close, really really close. But since the iPhone could play at a higher volume without compromising sound quality, it won the gold.

Category: Camera
Event 5: Photos in good light

GOLD – Galaxy S III – clarity, color, depth of field. This GSIII takes some good photos.
BRONZE – iPhone 4S

Event 6: Photos in poor light
GOLD – iPhone 4S – it was close over the HTC, but the detail in low light for the 4S gave it the edge.

Category: Video Camera
Event 7: Video quality

GOLD – iPhone 4S – this event was pretty close, but the GSIII was having a refocusing issue so the judges deducted a few points and named the iPhone the winner.
The Apple iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X
Event 8: Audio Quality
GOLD – Galaxy S III
SILVER – iPhone 4S
BRONZE – One X – it doesn’t even deserve to be compared to the other two. They were good. The One X was not.

And the overall winner is…

GOLD – Samsung Galaxy S III – 30 points
SILVER – iPhone 4S – 26 points
BRONZE – HTC One X – 15 points

Looking back on the games, the Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S where neck and neck the whole way, but the Samsung’s performance in the screen event was just too much. As for the HTC One X, these events are just one part of the phone, but it wasn’t pretty. It’s still a world-class smartphone and that’s the reason we invited it to complete in these Olympic games. Maybe it’s not that the One X is bad, it’s just that the Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S have raised the bar that much. Add to Twitter Add to Facebook Add to LinkedIn Add to Digg Add to StumbleUpon Add to Delicious

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