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7/27/2012 Each time a new iPhone is released, new bells and whistles are included, and an emphasis is always put on usability. But sometimes the device features are so easy to use you don’t even know they exist. No apps are needed, just some quick settings changes to help take your iPhone experience to the next level.
Apple iPhone 4s screen shots
Private Chats With Siri
Let’s start with Siri. Overall, she’s great, but I bet I’m not the only one who feels a little awkward talking at my phone in public. Did you know, Siri can be accessed by more than just the home button! Keep that conversation private with the “Raise to Speak” option.  First, select your settings app, then general, then Siri settings.  Once in there, turn the “Raise to Speak” option on and you and Siri can keep things just between the two of you.
Seeing Missed Alerts
Don’t just settle for a beep and buzz for your alerts. Your iPhone can also alert you by using the LED camera light. So when you’re away from your phone for a few minutes (which seems like a few hours), the LED light will tell you if you’ve missed anything without even picking up your iPhone. To turn this option on, go to the settings app, then the general category and click on the accessibility option. Right above the “Physical & Motor” section there is an option called “LED Flash for Alerts.” Select on.  User beware, your LED light is a battery hog, especially if you get a lot of alerts.
Emphasizing Your Email Text
Yes, you can bold, underline and italicize words in emails on your iPhone, I swear. When you’re in an email, first select the word or phrase you would like to change. Once the bubble comes up with options (such as copy and paste), click the arrow to the right. There will be a BIU option to edit your word.  As in most programs, B is bold, I is italics and U is underline.  Hopefully those three will now help you get your points across.
What Did I Just Say?
The iPhone has a built in dictionary! To find out what a word means, select the word, and when the option bubble pops up, select the arrow to the right of the suggest button. The iPhone will bring up a dictionary page with the meaning of your word.
Using your Apple iPhone 4sQuick Access To Your Favorite Sites
Create website shortcuts! If you’re tired of entering the same address to visit the same website over and over again, and bookmarks don’t seem to be any quicker, simply go to that website and click the go to icon (the middle option that looks like a box with an arrow) and select the “add to Home Screen” option. Now there will be what looks like an app on your homepage that leads you right to your desired site.
Use Your iPhone Like A Regular Camera
Sometimes you can’t have both hands on your iPhone to take a picture. And trying to steady your iPhone with one hand and then pressing the button on the screen with the other can be a little annoying and frustrating.  But, I’ve got good news.  You have another option.  The + (plus) volume button works as the shutter. Now you can hold your phone sideways and steady, and take your pictures all with one hand, just like a regular camera.
Now these tips aren’t going to make someone go out and buy an iPhone, but for those of us that already have one, they do come in handy.  The goal of the iPhone (and all smartphones) is to make our live as convenient as possible. So I’m just trying to make your life easier.

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