Business CELLutions To Relieve Your Stress

7/11/2012 ProtectCELL can help protect your business assetsSo you’re a manager or director for a mid-market, mid-size services organization and part of your role is to equip your team with the recourses necessary to get the job done.  Your organization is tech-centric and your users are tech savvy.  You’ve armed your staff with a “fleet” of mobile devices to include iPhones, Droids, BlackBerrys and iPad tablets.
In today’s age of remote workforces, up to 75% of your company’s workforce could be working either from home or from the road.  That means that out of your 1,300 employees, you have close to 1,500 company-owned mobile devices currently in use in the field.  We all know many of the management and executive users have multiple devices.
So let’s say on average, your organization pays to have repaired or outright replaces approximately 25% of those devices due to loss/theft and accidental damage from handling (breakage).  Each year the resulting incidents carry with them an average cost of $250 per device for repair/replacement.  That amounts to more than $93k in maintenance expenditures per year. 
And that just talks about the device itself.  Don’t forget about all the data that is collected and stored on those devices - personal info, company info, contacts, files, text messages and more.  What happens if a device goes missing, or worse yet, is stolen?  Just imagine the damage caused to one’s personal mobile lifestyle or your organization’s operational effectiveness.
Now imagine that same scenario, but it cost you less than half to protect those same mobile devices and their data while mitigating the risk associated with lost and stolen devices. Many companies offer programs that safeguard your device, but in today’s mobile world you’ll want protection that goes beyond just insurance.
Additionally, you can offload the stress and hassle of supporting your mobile device program to an experienced team of customer support reps, who specialize in troubleshooting mobile devices and expediting requests for replacement as needed.
ProtectCELL does have a team designated to helping companies avoid these financially painful and potentially harmful situations.  If this makes sense to you, and you’re interested in protecting your company, contact our program manager – James at james.cowell@protectcell.com or by call 877.368.6365 x264.

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