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ProtectCELL’s Bryan Finnerty and US News & World Report Discuss Extended Warranties

1/2/2014 A recent article posted to the US News & World Report website Personal Finance page asked ProtectCELL Co-Founder, Bryan Finnerty, whether or not consumers should buy protection for their mobile devices. The main question, in author Aaron Crowe’s view, is how to extract the most value from their plans – the biggest bang for the buck. While the article generally cast a skeptical eye on extended warranties, ProtectCELL stood out among competing services.

Stealing the competition’s thunder
By providing Bryan the opportunity to present a counterpoint to the views of an economics professor, ProtectCELL was highlighted as a cut above its competitors. Bryan described what consumers may not know about manufacturers’ warranties, “Glitches, hang-ups and other issues that technicians can't replicate aren't usually included… Apple Care warranties don't cover the theft of a device…” Both of these issues are solved by ProtectCELL.

No other protection provider gets the same sort of inclusion. Even without an outright endorsement of ProtectCELL products, the article lets readers know there’s more than just the price of hardware involved when determining value and the need for protecting mobile devices. Add to Twitter Add to Facebook Add to LinkedIn Add to Digg Add to StumbleUpon Add to Delicious