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Wireless Weekly News - 1/24


Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 4sVerizon: Every Other iPhone Sold Not iPhone 5

In Verizon’s fourth quarter report, half of the iPhones sold were iPhone 4 or 4S rather than the iPhone 5. With the major discounts on older iPhones, many consumers decided to go cheaper rather than go with the top of the line. Verizon also reported that iPhone sales made up two-thirds of their smartphone sales in this past quarter. Are these reports showing consumers care more about Apple as a brand instead of the latest and greatest technology? Read more at Verizon Fourth Quarter Sales.

New Smartphone Colors for Valentine’s Day

Verizon is now offering a red Lumia 822 and a pink Droid RAZR M just in time for Valentine’s Day. Both phones are available at $50 with new two-year contract from Verizon. Show how much you love your significant other with the gift of data! When can we look for other holiday-styled smartphones? Read more at V-Day Smartphones.

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