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Wireless Weekly News - 2/16


Samsung has been busy with Galaxy

We are still waiting to hear more on whether Samsung will indeed be revealing the Galaxy S IV next month, however, word is that they have been working on some other projects as well. Besides the much anticipated Galaxy S IV, rumors are that Samsung is also planning on also announcing a mini version of the Galaxy S IV as well as a “Galaxy Watch.” Read more about these devices at Rumored Galaxy Devices. More possible specifications have been released for the Galaxy S IV including a 5 inch display and wireless charging. Check out more at Galaxy S IV Specs.

Nostalgia: Tamagotchi returns as smartphone app

Remember the fun fads of the 90s like Pokémon and Beanie Babies? Maybe you also remember the electronic pets like the Tamagotchi. Well now the handheld electronic pet returns as a smartphone app. Available for Android and soon for iOS. Read more at Tamagotchi App.

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