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Yahoo’s Digital Crave says kids’ devices need ProtectCELL

12/11/2013 It’s nice to learn that other folks get excited about ProtectCELL plans. We’re thrilled that the wise minds behind Digital Crave, a Yahoo Shopping blog, saw fit to include us in a recent posting, “Great deals on cool gadgets for kids.”

Digital Crave is Yahoo Shopping's repository of leading edge news about gotta-have-it technology – when it comes to the world of hot gizmos and gadgets, you’ll probably find it there – and now that even includes ProtectCELL.

New Holiday traditions
True, ProtectCELL coverage isn’t an actual gadget, but author Marc Saltzman does recognize the importance of protecting said devices – especially when kids are involved. “Kids love their technology. And considering some kids can work a tablet or smartphone (often better than their parents), tech items and gadgets are bound to be at the top of their list this holiday season.”

Author Saltzman obviously gets what ProtectCELL does and he liked what he saw. “Many people don’t realize… there are plans that cover more than basic damage. ProtectCELL insures your phone and covers mechanical failure, water damage, theft, loss, and more. Beyond traditional insurance, they have device buy-back plans, data backup for mobile devices, ID theft support, and more.”

The truth is, unlike some here-today-gone-tomorrow trendy nightclub, ProtectCELL isn’t in business to show the world precisely how hip we are. But if you’re anything like us, you have to love it when practicality and coolness come together. Add to Twitter Add to Facebook Add to LinkedIn Add to Digg Add to StumbleUpon Add to Delicious