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America Is Naked Without Its Cellphone


Americans increasingly reliant on cellphones

When was the last time you intentionally left your house without a mobile device in tow? If you're like a lot of consumers, you probably can't even recall an instance in recent history.

What about the last time you forgot your smartphone? Considering how much we depend on our gadgets in everyday life, a mistake like this probably caused a fair amount of panic. Not only were you unable to quickly get in touch with anyone you wanted or needed to speak with, but you couldn’t look up directions to your destination, distract yourself from your long commute, get any extra work done or engage in a number of other tasks we've all come to take for granted. Mobility is important to us, but we only seem to really notice this when we're forcibly unplugged.

Increasingly attached

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 91 percent of U.S. adults now own cellphones, while 56 percent have smartphones, and most of these users are implementing their devices for a variety of everyday uses. The survey found that 82 percent take pictures, 80 percent send and receive text messages, and 56 percent utilize their gadgets as portals to the Internet. Additionally, another report by Pew revealed that 40 percent of cellphone owners have effectively employed their devices to find help in emergencies.

With all the entertaining and important ways we're able to use our mobile technologies, it might come as little surprise that if you do find yourself feeling stressed without these tools on your person, you’re not alone. In fact, in one survey of 3,800 people, nine out of 10 respondents under 30 admitted that they begin to feel anxious when they don't know where their phone is. Pew also revealed that 29 percent of people who own cellphones and 36 percent of those who use smartphones couldn't imagine life without these gadgets. When it came to individuals who primarily access the Internet through their devices, the rate was even higher, at 42 percent.

Of course, the mobile technology craze isn’t just an American phenomenon. Time Magazine noted that on this year’s World Water Day, the U.N. announced that while 6 billion of the world’s 7 billion people have access to cellphones, just 4.5 billion have working toilets available to them. It’s certainly a sobering statistic, but one that emphasizes just how important people today feel it is to be connected to friends, family and the Internet at all times.

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